Two Number 4s, and a large Cup of...

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  • Confession
    (Wait, didn't my mother just stop me from giving them a dollar a WalMart 2 weeks ago? i.e. "they just spend it on commercials.")

    Great insight there, Richie. It's an example of certain thinking that used to trouble me when a JW.

  • bebu

    3 cheers for Richie! I'm glad helping someone like that gave you such a rush!

    And I think it'd be appropriate to ask that elder why he said what he did, when you immediately found his situation as very difficult.


  • Legolas
  • Mastodon

    Richie, you are amazing. You have a home here in Texas...

  • freedomlover


    good for you! glad you got such satisfaction to help your friends. They will never forget that.........


  • luna2

    Awww, Richie, what a great guy! A true friend and brother, as opposed to that elder who was only concerned about covering the part on the school. Talk about screwed up priorities!

    I'm sure you'll look smashing and do an excellent job.

    Love the countdown.

  • BizzyBee


    As one lesbian said to the other, "You be da' man!"

  • Sunnygal41
    COuntdown to Richie's Freedom:

    Richie, dude, you are sooo cool! The more I read of what you post, the more I realize what an exceptionally intelligent guy you are. I'm guessing the above is a reference to you turning 18? Anyways, thanks for being part of JWD.

    Big Sis Terri

  • silentWatcher

    yikes, that talk outline gave me flashbacks ...

    I always did crap like that too -- some stupid "illustration" to open things off.

    Actually, the HARDEST talk I ever gave was a bible reading from 1 Chronicles. It was verse after verse of ".. and Jeho-chin begot Ezakiah, who begot Joab, Moab, and Doab, who begot...". More people commented on how I acually sounded better than the guy on the tape.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Unca Natas is so proud of you!

    You're a true mensch!

    give your fringe buddy props from all of us - anonymously, of course - and when your personal day of FREEDOM comes to pass, tell these two that you are their BROTHER for as long as they will have you, regardess of the hat you wear.

    How long was the bar on those saws? 24 inch? 30? 36? God, man! OH - and your cousin Elsewhere is right - that pseudochristos elder needs to have his sanctum kicked!

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