Anybody still buy vinyl records?

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  • DanTheMan
    (daystar, of the "tape generation" class)

    I used to have a ton of cassettes. They're long gone, I don't even know what I ever did with them.

    A funny vinyl memory - I remember when my Irish Catholic grandma gave me the following record one year for Christmas (I had it on my list that my parents sent out). I wonder if she just didn't notice the cover art? LOL

  • Golf

    DanTheMan, I have over 3000 45's and lots of 78's. I use to be a week-end DJ in my home town.


  • DanTheMan
    and lots of 78's

    LOL, reminds me of a Cheech and Chong bit where Chong tells Cheech that one time while he was on acid he listened to Black Sabbath at 78 speed.

    "What happened man?"

    "I saw God!"

  • beksbks

    I have that C & C album somewhere!

  • IronClaw

    Having DJ'd back in the late 70's early 80's, I collected 1000's of 45's and LP's. Sold many of them. Still have a decent collection. Mostly 60's and 70's.

    Turntables I still have. Still use them too. Love to hear Chicago, Clapton, Moody Blues on them.

    I many go back into DJing as a part-time gig soon. You know a little extra side cash. Just private stuff.

  • beksbks

    Well I hope you're happy now Dan. All I can think of is Cheech and Chong bits. And for the life of me I can't figure out how my mother allowed me to have any of them. She was obviously not policeing my album choices like she should have been.

  • DanTheMan
    All I can think of is Cheech and Chong bits.

    My father he disowned me cuz I wear my sister's clothes....

  • DanTheMan

    Remember this one??

    I think this may have been the first LP I ever owned - Star Wars done disco style! YES!!!!!

    The "Other Galactic Funk" on the B-side was pretty cool actually

    I want to get a turntable and find a copy of this on vinyl just for nostalgia's sake.

  • beksbks

    Ok, I was waaaaayyy behind the times as a youth. Go figure, I was raised in a cult!

    Anyway, the first albums I ever bought, were Bee Gees "Children of the World" and Led Zeppelin IV.

    Conflicted child, huh?

  • Snoozy

    I have a huge box of old records 33 1/3 and 78's ? I forget the exact speed..I think that's right...I also have many old 45's..from my tennie bopping days..

    I have looked some of them up on E Bay but they are only going for between $1. and $5.00..

    Most aren't listed so I would have to post them individually I guess..I though about just throwing them away but my grandson wants to hear "The Smothers Brothers"...They were hilarious! Good clean fun..they didn't even have to use foul language ..imagine that..

    Snoozy Q...

    ps..I also have a lot of cassettes but the 8 tracks are gone..

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