Anybody still buy vinyl records?

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  • atypical

    I have a big collection of vinyl. I have to admit I never listen to them, I just look at them for nostalgic value. My dad will lecture you all day about the virtues of vinyl. He even has 78s of Rutherford, and I mean like 20 or 30 of them. He has an unbelievable jukebox filled with 45s that he fires up when we go to visit.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    We still have a turntable and a huge collection to go with it.

    I was gifted a huge pile of records a few months ago and it took us weeks to go through it and sort out what we wanted to keep and we had a ball doing it.

    If we have guests we usually stick to my 'Juke Box', a computer dedicated to playing music, so that we don't have the inconvenience of having to change records, but my wife nearly always has a vinyl playing when I get home from work.

    As for buying new vinyls, I haven't considered it. The last time I saw some in a music store I thought the prices were rediculously high, but they were very desirable albums.

    Somewhere in my life I managed to lose my "Thick as a Brick" album. I really want to replace it. A CD just won't cut the mustard. I want the whole original cover.


  • jojochan

    You know what, I also collected back in the day all the piano played kingdom melodies on vinyl as well. I think I gave one to my dj buddy.

    He was using it to scratch over rap beats

    needless to say it did sound ill by itself.

    I still laugh hard to this day when thinking about him actually doing that.


  • rocketman

    One great thing about LPs was the album art. CDs can never duplicate that (well, maybe, but it's so darned small that it just isn't the same).

    I kept a few albums even though I've never bought a new turntable, just for old times sake and to preserve the artwork.

  • daystar

    I don't remember that one. But what about this?!

  • unique1

    I just bought my hubby a new turntable and a few 33's. He already had a huge collection of 45's. He loves it.

  • nicolaou

    I've never stopped buying vinyl (see my profile). I have a 1950's HMV portable deck - it's about twice the size of a desktop laser printer!! I love it though, I actually turn it on at least ten minutes before I start playing my records to allow the valves to warm up.

  • DanTheMan
    He even has 78s of Rutherford, and I mean like 20 or 30 of them

    No way! Now those might be worth some $$$$

  • DanTheMan
    One great thing about LPs was the album art

    I agree. Here's one my brother had, I used to think it was the coolest cover art (I think it's supposed to be Mick, and if I recall correctly, Keith was on the other side with a green background). I've used it for my profile pic on occasion:

    Actually, I bet my brother still has it. I would love to have this album cover just to hang up in my house somewhere. But my brother is autistic and extremely idiosyncratic - I would never be able to get him to part with it even if he never listens to it. LOL

  • Terry

    I own about 5,000 LP's.

    I spent the greater part of my life (and fortune) seeking them out, hunting them down and making the kill.

    The best years of my life were spent in this pursuit.

    I love LP's.

    The size of an LP (compared to a CD) is better for me. The artwork and the liner notes can be SEEN!

    Further, the ritual of playing an Lp is my only religious experience.

    The cleaning....the destatic process...the balancing of the tone is bliss.

    A CD?

    I just cannot bring myself to love it.

    With LP's it is love.

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