This question is not meant to be..well..weird but....

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  • Highlander

    Then again, Michael Jackson had young kids in his bed all the time, and no one thought that was weird.... oh, wait a minute.... never mind! lol, haha,

    yes ofcourse,, Sharing a bed with someone is the most beautiful loving thing you can do for someone. M.J.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    For an adult JW couple to sleep in the bed WITH their 18-yr-old child would be asking for trouble within the parameters of their beliefs. The least it would do is start some nasty gossip, because that's what jdubyas like to do. For propriety's sake, they requested separate sleeping quarters for their daughter.

  • stillAwitness

    If I was 18...I would NEVER sleep in the bed with my people do that? What do you mean by cultural thing??? I didn't think anybody did that unless under dire and earthquake or hurricane, etc. Just my 2 cents

    Swalker Well I meant in some cultures its normal I guess. Like mine (which I prefer not to say-my own paranoia; ya know.) Or maybe its just a girl thing? I've slept in the same bed as my folks countless times. Especially when we had a roach problem a couple weeks ago.

  • Confession

    Different strokes for different folks. I know some psychologists say it's a no-no. Besides the potential for some type of intentional (or unintentional) sexual "awakening," there is also a concern that a child often allowed in Mom and Dad's bed will always be wanting in there.

    My take? It's okay for children to hop into bed with Mom and Dad once in awhile, (bad dreams, unusual circumstances, etc.) but probably best to sleep separately as a general rule.

    In the last year, in the process of moving with my (now 18 year old) daughter, there was one time when a hotel had no two-bed rooms available--so we slept together in a King Size bed. And once she had to sleep in my personal King-Size bed--when hers had already been packed. There was no discomfort whatsoever, but I can't imagine a scenario in which a mother, father and 18 year old would, for any extended period, decide to sleep together.

  • Highlander

    I remember sharing a hotel room with my mom,, separate beds though.

    I'll never do that again... She snores way too LOUD!!!!

  • theinfamousone

    WHITE PPL ARE SCARED OF BEING CALLED WEIRD........ plus to be honest, i dun wanna be in the same bed as my parents were getting busay in.... its just gross! like seriously: "dad, will u stop poking me in the back of the head with that thing??? EWWWWWW mom, keep your voice down, u migh wake the neighbours..." ok now i gotta go throw up!

    the infamous one

  • Think

    If , for some reason, family have no choice, but only one bed is available, well, then all of you shoulda sleep full dressed, UNdresing is not a good idea.

  • Highlander

    Hell no! I ain't sleepin' naked in the same room as my parents!

  • wednesday

    Seems like in the freewheeling 60-70 parents not only slept with kids but walked around nude and bathed with them . I think that goes too far.

    I used to go crawl in bed with mommy when I was afraid of the demons, ()true) but when I got ot 16, from then on my mom came to my room . One of my parents walked around nude and it left me with some serious psychological scars. . We (my own family )did not walk around nude in front of our kids . The children of the same sex showered if necessary with that parent (like if on camping trip). We would have ( and did ) shared a bed if it was necessary. (up to a certain age)

    But now that we are grandparents (really young ones)our grandkids(still little) sleep with us. I draw the line at bathing together. But they shower with their parents. And sleep with them. It seems perfectly normal that a couple woull not want an 18 yr old girl sleeping with them, plus maybe they are planning on some R&R:)>


  • tetrapod.sapien

    i personally think that their behavour is weird. but they are conservative anyways.

    it's like nudist families. some people think nudist families are weird, but i don't. and ya, if you equate nudity with sex, then it would be weird to you. if they equate the bed with sex, then it would be weird to them.

    but i don't think that nudity = sex, or that beds = sex, either. just me, i suppose.


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