...but Jesus said the truth would divide families!!!!

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  • Vitameatavegamin

    You know, I have had this exact conversation with my mother. I am no longer JW, but her excuse for not speaking to me is that scripture about divisions in families. To her, it is a wonderful thing because she feels she is pleasing God by ignoring me. I also asked her about the scriptures that speak of Jesus' examples in the bible of showing love and kindness to all, even prostitutes, tax collectors and the like. I even quoted the scripture that speaks of the "golden rule", treating others as you would want to be treated, etc. She had no real answer for me, except that we are living in "satans" system and that it will be this way until the "new system". She then proceeded to to tell me that before she is a mother or a daughter, she is one of "Jehovahs People" and that will not change. My mother has always been on the fanatical side of the JWs. You can't tell her anything, or convince her that maybe she is wrong.

    I am not DFd, but I am treated as if I don't exist. It is absolutely disgusting. I asked my JW parents what they are trying to prove by behaving this way, their only answer is more scripture quoting.....I can't take it, it just makes me insane. It is like talking to a robot that is only programmed with certain responses, with no independent intelligence or reasoning ability whatsoever. I often wonder what it will take to shake them up..........

    Thanks, Vita

  • mustang
    But...but...but... we're not supposed to HELP it ALONG!

    Yes; I've often thought approximately that: I believe that Jesus was lamenting the fact that family divsion was inevitable, not promoting dividing families!!!


  • sass_my_frass

    It's one of those things that nearly makes me puke too.

    Hey you know, alcohol divides families too, and gambling! Maybe addiction is the truth!

  • coffee_black

    Jesus was letting then know that because of following Him, their families might reject them. He never suggested that they reject their families.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    I agree with Jesus words that the truth would divide families. Although I wouldn't be so arrogant to presume I have absolute Truth now that I have cleared my mind of WTS intepretation and read the Bible to see what it really says, It certainly does divide us from our family's, especially those who hold on rigidly to their belief's (Like the Witnesses claiming to be the only approved religeon by God). In my opinion the Witnesses fulfill Jesus words but not in the way they think!

  • mustang
    In my opinion the Witnesses fulfill Jesus words but not in the way they think!

    Exactly: it wasn't supposed to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. And you're not supposed to take pride in it.


  • besty

    marked for reference and worth a read


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