The TRUTH will set you free.

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  • vomit

    Just trying to grab your attention.
    Something is driving me crazy, I just cant stop saying "The Truth".
    Why do these two words have so much power over us.
    Almost every conversation I have with JW, I have to fight with the automatic brain responce to spout out. 'but the truth this' 'the truth that' 'the problem I have with the truth' to somebody on the outside it would seem like I am going stir crazy.

    I have tried to switch to "the JW religion" but as a fader it gets me in trouble with my parents.

  • DannyBloem

    Yeah, I know exact what you mean (except for the 'toka' stuff).

    Maybe you should change it to: "the religion formely know as the truth"?

  • jwfacts

    Your mental condition will pass over time.
    I made a point of not saying "the truth" for a few years as a fader in conversation, instead saying "the witnesses say" and a few people picked it up and were offended by it. But the T word slipped out from time to time, much to my horror.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I still say "the truth" now, try as I might not to. I am saying it less and less, but it still creeps into my vocabulary. My friend who has been out for years says he never uses the term now, so I guess I'll not be saying it forever.

  • unique1

    It is a hard thing to get over. The JDubs are so incredibly convinced that their religion is the Truth and nothing can question the truth can it? That is drilled into your head for years. It is reasonable that it would take years to get it out.

  • ferret

    I have been out 25 years so never use the word, it will come to you in time, unless you really believe it is the truth

  • tetrapod.sapien

    lol vomit....

    and ya, what the others say here is true. it's amazing actually, losing the JW-esque loaded language over time. it's only been a year for me, and i have already stopped calling it "the truth", unless intentionally. it will pass with time.

    however, in the meantime, you could start calling it: "da troof" as so many of us apostates like to do. the nice thing about this is that it sounds legit to witnoids, but you know what it *really* means ... he he...



  • greendawn

    Surely their senior leaders know full well that this is not the truth but in fact a lie and the R&F would be much better off if they leave the org. However they carry on talking about the truth of jehovah and salvation through it.

  • Pole

    Stimulus - response - stimulus - response

    You're right vomit. "The Truth" is one of the most powerful WTS doctrinal keywords triggering a desired behavioral response in the average JW. "The Truth" is like an Euclidian axiom in geometry. Don't question it or get yourself ridiculed. It takes a Lobaczewski of Jw-ism to break free from these fossilized patterns.

    Other ideologically marked items of the JW lexicon include: demons, apostates, Jehovah, Organization. And they're not just useful jargon. They are the core pillars of the WTS discourse. Uttering them brings up conceptual maps from which there is no escape for the average dubby.

    How can you be right if you walk away from DA TROOF?


  • rebel8

    Wear a thick rubber band on your wrist and snap it each time you say an objectionable phrase, while simultaneously imagining yourself hearing the word "stop" and seeing a stop sign. It works.

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