What you think is the worst the WTS has done?

by DannyBloem 56 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    manipulating people's life decisions with the threat of marking them as bad association or disfellowshipping them and shunning them as opposed to allowing individuals to make up their own minds using their own consciences and leaving these decisions between them and god.

  • DannyHaszard
    Also, encouraging young ones to marry before they even know who they are or what they want to do with their lives.

    Girls at 16 boys at 18 and babies right off (isn't that called keeping em barefoot & pregnant?)-Danny Haszard

  • moshe

    Four things- causing the premature death of many, many adults and helpless children from their wacko ideas about, blood transfusions, organ transplants and vaccinations.

    denying the youth a normal life - friends and education (due to, KH-meetings , F-service, no holidays-birthdays,sports and discouraging an education/career,etc)

    Destroying families by their rules-both going in and getting out (shunning)

    Protecting and aiding child abusers in the KH

    yep, that about covers it.


    ps- and the destruction of millions-billions/ of trees to provide paper for the worthless WT publications

  • MsShockJock

    I agree Moshe. I have often thought about all the waste of paper (trees) for the enormous amount of literature they print at Bethel. Every witness I knew had at least a 2-3 foot high stack of old magazines in their homes that never got placed and usually ended up in the garbage can or at the back of the kingdom hall for the pioneers to leave at gas stations and laundry matts, which eventually made it into the garbage cans there. The society prints way too many magazines knowing they are not in circulation just so they can claim high published volumes on the inside cover of the WT and Awake. It's a tremendous waste of resources. Just print what is needed and admit there aren't that many magazines in circulation.

  • KW13

    It began.

  • Buster

    Clearly there are a lot of things that the cult leaders need to answer for. Some hit closer to home with some. I feel for those with split familes, those shunned by loved ones, people with lost childhoods and unecesary stress through their formative years.

    But I gotta go with the Blood Doctrine: The horrible power of those can can convince parents to follow such direction. Literally dooming infants to death by denying available medical care. This one hits home.

  • Think

    Elders rapping their own children, and cover up. Then give talks to the same children in KH how they love them, and how LOVING the RapeTower is.

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