What you think is the worst the WTS has done?

by DannyBloem 56 Replies latest jw friends

  • unclebruce

    Wow Gary.

    Ongoing evil, up front & personal.

    warm regards, unclebruce

  • slugga
    Slugga, you potty mouth - you're a disgrace to the worldwide apostate brotherhood - how dare you use sux slanguage here - I have a good mind to cancel your swearing privledges - I hope you're a fuck'n shamed of yourself!

    Bruce, F*ck off


  • IP_SEC

    The single most damaging is the FDS interp of Matt 24:45. From this they impose their authority for all of their other damaging beliefs, policies, and practices

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    On a spiritual and/or theocratic level, the worst I can think of is the WT-BATS claiming to be the only channel between God and mankind; next being the UN debacle.

    On a physical and emotional level, the worst is murder, of course, in the form of requiring their members to refuse life-saving blood transfusions; second being the hiding of pedophiles and rapists within the confines of their society and ostracizing the victims. Whether doctrinal level or practice level, the teaching of their members to shun those who don't approve of their teachings and practices, including family members is abhorrent in that it destroys the sanctity of family life and love.

    See what happens when there is NO LOVE or HUMILITY???

  • Honesty
    - What you think is the worst the WTS has done?

    Being founded into existence by an apostate and then keeping the Lie alive by a group of deluded fruitcakes who call themselves THE FAITHFUL SLAVE.

    - What doctrine of the WTS is the worst?

    All of them

  • metatron

    Their worst practise is lying - and pretending not to know anything about it.

    Their worst doctrine is their teaching about shunning - an extreme and illlogical collection of misinterpretations of the Bible.

    They use these teachings to maintain control and break up families.


  • DannyBloem

    for me, (no good anking these qurstions without answering them myself)

    it is the doctrine of shunning and the policy about blood.

    the first ruins the live of many families and friends. (although there is some room for family members still seeing each other, but some dubs are more strict then nessesary)

    the second, causes death of innocent children and grown ups.

    That they try to sell fucking magazines, try to make money, say that they are gods channel etc. is something that most religions do. The 2 doctrines mentioned above not. About their latest stand against pheadofilia it is more reasonable. Danny

  • DannyBloem
    The worst thing the Witness people have done to me personally is to tell my sons to shun me. The worst thing I have seen the Witness people do is tell my first wife to die from leukemia without chemo and blood support treatment. The worst thing for me was watching her die.

    I'm so sorry Gary.

  • Mary
    What you think is the worst the WTS has done?

    Pass itself off as a religion.

  • Quandary


    You hit the nail on the head!! Your concise comments are 100% accurate.


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