Jehovah baby: you were my better-half, but just an invitation to the blues.

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  • SPAZnik

    Phenomenal, tetra.

  • cyd0099

    Tetra, that is some freakin' sweet prose you laid down. I'm copying that down.

  • Clam

    Brilliant stuff Tetra,

    I'd like to send that to a British magazine, adding at the end " Mr Josh Tetrapod is a former member of the WTS Governing Body"

  • deeskis

    as Gary Moore so eloquently wrote:

    So long, it was so long ago...........but I still have the blues for you

    tetra you should put yours to music.......

    Best wishes D

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey there everyone. thanks so much for your feedback on this little piece.

    one of the things that i love about this board, is that there is something here for everyone, and whatever stage they are at. the newbs and the oldies. we all have to say what we have to say, you know? it's a beautiful thing to be able to be free from the WTS society, and express yourself, guilt-free. the WT really does not encourage creativity at all. and in a way, expressing myself creatively is a direct form of apostacy against the WTS, and the sort of puritanical culture that supports them.

    i remember once when i was a teenager, i made a large pastel drawing of an old man's face, and i gave it to my best friend. he really liked it, and kept it in a folder in his room to frame at some time in the future. but his father was an evil company man / elder, and took it one morning, early, while my friend slept, and burned it in the furnance because he said it looked "demonic". i was crushed that a holy spirit appointed servant of the great and omniscient jah could be so short sighted and ignorant.

    if you have something in you, purcolating to the surface, i would say to express it, and learn to love yourself as the god that you are. *that* is apostacy.

    being an apostate is about so much more than apostasising against the WTS. it's about finding yourself.

    the demon in your cellar, is you. it's about gathering the courage to go down there in the dark, and open the door, and finally meet him after all these years. you may not like what you meet, but at least you are on your way to finding yourself. you owe it to yourself, and all the JWs that will never get out of the borg and do this for themselves.

    you're a human now. jehovah is gone. we have no more excuses. whatever it is you do, go out and do it. and live. and love yourself.

    to you great, and fear-inspiring apostates!!



  • chrissy

    :jehovah was a dopamine love affair that i'll never forget.:

    "the absence of god will bring you comfort, baby...."

  • tetrapod.sapien
    "the absence of god will bring you comfort, baby...."

    in an Oxytocin sort of way, yes, but comfort none the less.

    there are dopamine poems

    and then there are serotinin imbalance poems

    but never oxytocin poems. or if there are, they are the most boring poems in the world.


  • Robdar
  • Sunnygal41

    Tetra-Dude, that was absolutely awesome.........I see a book in your future......seriously. Terri

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