Jehovah baby: you were my better-half, but just an invitation to the blues.

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  • LDH


    Absolutely beautiful! Your memory sparked one of my own--when I was about 13 or 14 and this religion was really doing an emotional beat down, I wrote two poems about how sad I was. I shared them with my older sister (15) and she told me I better tear them up before I got into trouble!

    It's really important to know how one truly, deeply feels. Good stuff.


    Se Vende Chivos Clase

  • greendawn

    That is the god of the JWs that you got entangled with who is not the real god. And surely the dubs are totally anti creativity what else would you expect of a totalitarian organisation?

  • kid-A

    That is the god of the JWs that you got entangled with who is not the real god.

    However, both are equally non-existent.

  • anewme

    Yes, brilliant Tetra! The pain of that old love affair with innocence and God hits you in the heart when a certain sweet scent hits the warm Spring air, replacing blood with vinegar.

  • misanthropic

    Tetra- Very beautiful! You have such a way with words with everything you write. I admire so much about you.

  • DigitalFokus

    WOW, that was a great peice of writing. I was pointed to this thread by Freedomlover and thank you for doing so FL. Your writing struck home big time TS. I wrote this in my "introducing myself" thread I am nowwhere near the calibur of writer you are, i just love the similar metaphors. Yours is much more elequently written. Nice work. when i was first around those lying bastards my mother was the one who accepted the bible study, and coming out of a horriblely abusive relationship with my father bought into them hook,line and sinker. when i was in jr high i really loved the arts. I spent almost a year on 2 oil paintings and was very proud of them. Everyone in class loved them and our art teacher was impressed. after bringing them home (when i got them back from the display case :)) our bible study jws (one who happened to be an elder) told my mother they were evil since one was a dipiction of a rock singer and the other was an abstract of a budwieser label. they were immediatley burned by my mother. I was crushed, I had so much positive feedback and confidence building over those 2 paintings that seeing them burned by my mother because of what those 2 bastards said actually killed something in me. I didn't attempt anything artistcally creative until 13 years later when i designed my tattoo. sorry for going off. your writting stired a few of my old memorys. hats off too you man. thanks

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    End of an era bump

  • Satanus


    Seems, missed this gem, the first time around. J hoover was my first love too, dysfunctional as it was. Guess that explains a lot.


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