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  • mouthy

    Welcome aboard..

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes


  • FairMind

    Welcome! I like you faded around 1980 (1977 to be exact) with little problem. When I returned in 1985 it was like a completely different organization with everyone being suspicious of me.

  • not in not out
    not in not out

    <div>First I would like to thank you for all your replies.

    This is really a nice group of people here better than the KH.

    The reason I call myself "Not In Not Out" I was originally going to call myself "never in never out" but I was not sure how long your name could be so I shorten it up.

    Anyway 1973 my mother gets baptized my father makes a comeback again and my brother is now an Elder. Even though I got baptized in 1974 I never ever really believed in the so called "TRUTH" I only did it to keep the peace and make them happy.

    So basically from the day I got baptized I was never really "IN" to be "OUT".

    I was basically a Quite keep to myself type of guy. I lived in my world not theirs and I just did my own thing. "Keep my Ears open and my Mouth shut".

    Anyway I hope to get time to do more posting as I don't get time to be on the site a lot. 25 hours in a day would be nice.

    I will make a effort to post more of my stories.</div>

  • twinkletoes

    Welcome N.I.N.O., look forward to hearing more from you


  • IronClaw

    Welcome N.i.n.o. from Good ole New York .

  • sass_my_frass

    Great to have you aboard!

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