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  • not in not out
    not in not out

    I have been lurking on and off for a year or so now so I would like to make a brief introduction.

    1954 born

    1962 Cuban missile crisis

    1963 JFK

    1964 Bingo my father and my oldest brother was in. There is about 9 years difference between me and my oldest brother and 7 years difference with my second oldest brother. My other brother never joined.

    Cuban missile and JFK was what hooked my father and brother.

    My father would only last a few years and then would fade out until about 1973 and then would make a comeback which would only last a few years again. But my brother climbed the JW ladder of success and was an elder by 1972.

    1967 "EXPO 67 Montreal" our school had a big trip planed for students and parents that would volunteer. My mom and dad had a very big fight because my mother was going to volunteer I never got to expo 67 but this had a lot to do with my father fading out. I would be about 13 years old.

    Long story short.

    1973 my brother got my mom baptized and I would follow 1974 and by this time my father was all "gun ho" again. but only for a few years.

    The only reason I got baptized was just to keep them happy. I never really believed all of the JW stuff but for family peace I did it.

    My father was a ALCOHOLIC but never ABUSIVE verbally or otherwise. Was more of a go sit in the chair have a few drinks and then go to bed type thing. But alcohol would be part of his life until he passed away in JUNE prior to 9/11.

    I would last until about 1980 then I would fade out.

    None of my family would really become Fanatic over the truth. My brother only remained an elder until about 1977. So I was very fortunate that our family was never fanatic as the years would come and go.

    MYSELF on the introvert-extrovert scale at the kingdom hall I would be 1 or 2,3 at the very most. Outside the kingdom hall I could be say 3 or 4 ,5 at the most. So basically I was more introvert than extrovert. At the KH if you are 6 inches they want you 12 inches, 12 inches now be 18 inches etc. etc.(MORE MORE MORE) So the most they ever got from me was 6 inches. I was just a keep to myself I don't bug you and do my own thing type of a guy. So after a few years they just GAVE UP on me.

    So I am very very fortunate that I was not a victim of the witch hunt by any size shape or form. By 1980 or so I was just not on their radar anymore. But I have a lot more stories some are very funny but for now this is a brief introduction. And I will post more as time permits.

    ANYWAY what programs do you people use cause I see some very fancy posting so how do you all do it. Thank you very much.

  • kid-A

    welcome aboard, I look forward to your posts. You will have lots of fun here!

  • doofdaddy

    Good to hear a story of a gentle fade rather than the bums rush most of most of us here experienced.


  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum, you did the right thing to leave as you never really believed in this org, and it is a destructive cult for sure.

  • cyd0099

    Hello and welcome, n.i.n.o.

  • ferret

    Welcome not in or not out. Enjoy

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    WELCOME - N.I.N.O !

  • misspeaches

    Welcome N.I.N.O.!

    Sounds like you are a well adjusted exJW. Just the sort of person we need in our online community!

  • Forscher

    Welcome to the board!
    They do it through HTML coding. Here are a few places to start.

  • Trojan
    ...Cuban missile crisis

    What congregation was that? There are lots of crisis in different halls i have visited....never heard of this one....

    Welcome my friend. Enjoy. Tell us your frustrations. Have a laugh.


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