Borg's attorneys

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  • rekless

    kattie I'm glad you got nuts do handle qdro?

  • fjtoth
    I wonder if any ex-elders (or current ones) that post here remember that or have a copy of the letter?

    I don't know whether or not this is helpful, but John Burns was not a lawyer when he came into the Canadian branch. He received his status as an attorney for the Society after he took a course at a college or university in Toronto. I remember that he used to leave Bethel early in the morning and not return until late in the day. Not many of us knew where he was during the day, but I was told later that he was attending courses at the University of Toronto -- while the rest of us were working at our jobs at the branch and were often told that getting a college education was an example of putting aside Kingdom interests for selfish personal pursuits.

  • jwfacts

    I don't think they sign anything, as there is always a risk they will get d/f so the Society would not want to be bound by anything either.

    I think they pick a person that is not likely to stray. I personally know Vin Toole, the Aust lawyer. He was a sheep shearer, got married, converted, went on the Circuit for a number of years, was called into bethel and then after a while put through his degree. He had many years as a Circuit Overseer and Bethelite to prove his allegiance to the Organisation before they picked him. They don't just pick some 20 year old that has not proved they are an Organisation man beyond doubt.

  • rekless

    thanks at lease I know I'm not loosing my mind. so there isn't any signing time agreement.

  • cyber-sista

    I recall when my daughter was thinking about attending college there was one elder who took an interest--I always thought this a bit strange. He said he had done career councelling. After he questioned her a bit about her strong point he highly suggested that she get into architecture or engineering because she could be used by the organization with these skills. Maybe there are elders like this in some of the congos who are head hunters for the society? My daughter was a good student--maybe they are on the lookout for these types. I always wondered how they found any skilled workers in the Org when it was discouraged to the majority. Maybe it is an underground sort of thing.


  • doofdaddy

    Hey JWfacts

    Vin Toole studied with me when I was a kid and he was just baptised!

    Yeah, he was a tool as well.

    Like most "succesful" jw males, he was an automaton smart arse. Ran into him years later and was doing his degree.

    Wow, couldn't have picked a more apropriate carreer for his personality.

  • wednesday

    sorry had to laugh, Slippys google ad came up on this page. lol

  • Forscher

    In 1978, at one of the international assemblies, I bumped into an older brother I knew and respected from the district assemblies I went to. I was thinking of putting in an aplication to Bethel, I had a rare skill I knew the organization was looking for. I mentioned my intent to that brother. He told me that it was a waste of time. He said I was better off to go to college! He told me that the organization had no business telling me not to go since the WTBTS paid for brothers to go to law school!
    well, I didn't put in my application. But then, I didn't go to college at the time either, that came later.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Doof, small world.
    Vin is the perfect person for it, smart, great memory, charismatic, one of the best speakers in Aust, and an organisation man through and through.
    What I can't figure out is that a lawyer needs to know both sides of a case inside out. Therefore he must know the flaw to the WTS theory that they are God's Organisation. So how does a man like that stay devoted to the WTS. The only answer that I can come up with is that he is scared to face the consequence of admiting to himself he was wrong. In the Watchtower article about him he said he felt the life cycle of marriage, children and death had always seemed meaningless. I imagine he is scared of how he will cope emotionally if he admitted to himself he devoted his life to a con. When I told him recently that I was no longer a JW he said 'I guess you are just struggling along in life now?', to which i told him how great my life is. Many JW's may be mentally smart but are not emotionally strong enough to allow themselves to admit they got mixed up in a lie.

  • jwfacts

    I graduated from Uni with a B-Com and 2 months later was accepted into bethel (I was regular pioneering whilst at Uni) The put me for 18 months in factory cleaning, and then 2 more years as a waiter. They made quite clear that a person has to prove themselves to be the right type of person and requires a period of time for their personality to be refined, education is not of key importance. It would have taken a few more years before I had any hope of getting into the accounts department, and only if I removed any semblance of personality and independance.

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