OK, I't My Turn As The Newbie

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  • ferret

    Welcome Black Pearl. You will enjoy your stay.

  • poppers

    Welcome BlackPearl - I really enjoyed your post. Sounds like you were able to maintain some sanity in a vast sea of insantiy - commendable.

  • Trojan

    Dear Blackpearl:

    I really liked the kind spirit you show with your first post! Also liked the illustration (metaphor) you used (i love good illustrations - if they fit the subject and are not used to create mental pictures that are simple lies). People like you and me, and many of the others on this forum aren't "made" for an organization that is more of an corporation than anything else (well, under the cover of an religion). I daily see correspondence between branches and GB, and it is "cold" and "businesslike". Blow the brotherhood thing away....and you're ok in this organization. Although, as I write this it hurts to say so, since I have known soo many good, really good people that where atracted by that illusion of an "spiritual paradise" and get burned by rules, rules, rules, policies, policies....to the heck, they never find what they where searching for! You know that at any elders school they spent more talks about "you shouldn't watch movies" you "shouldn't do this", "you should not that" than with: love your next. The last course was an example of it.

    As I have to deal a lot with Gilead missionaries, it showed me that somethings totally wrong with the Org. They spent countless hours hearing talks, speeches and reading Bible/WT literature and 85% of the ones I know are a bunch of heartless hipocrites. ....holes.....Sorry, I get carried away with that one. But, I hear the reports on how they treat the local brothers in the countries they're sent and it literally breaks my heart....They're after privileges and ranking, nothing else.

    As some others have mentioned, this place lets you feel free and refreshed. Be yourself, enjoy the love of this community (not all are all "sweet" and "fluffy", but some have had bad experiences and need their vent, so be patient and forgive).

    Count on my friendship and love.

    Yours in LOVE,


  • jaffacake

    Hello blackpearl,

    I wish I could express myself so well. A warm welcome to you and its good to see someone else move forward with their lives.

    You seem to have recognised how hard it is to be a Christian within such an organisation, that lost its way somewhere, somehow, a long time ago, but tries to censor anything approaching true Christian values.

    Your progressive outlook on life and lack of bitterness reminds me of how moved I was when I first read Raymond Franz' book In Search of Christian Freedom, one of the greatest books I've ever read - and I'm not even a former JW!


  • Narkissos

    Welcome Blackpearl,

    Enjoyed your post. Glad you came here.

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