Please help! Child custody

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  • AuldSoul


    Help him learn not to get tripped up on the questions they train the JW to answer.


    Have her attorney ask, "If your daughter was in an accident and her life was in danger, would you accept any available medical care to save her life?"

    The likely response would be, "Anything but blood. But any non-blood substitutes would be fine."

    Followup, "What if there is no alternative treatment available and she would not make it to a facility that offered such care? Would you deny a transfusion under those circumstances?"


    Have her attorney ask, "Do you believe that your ex-wife is going to die at Armageddon?"

    The response will be, "It is God's place to judge, not mine."

    Followup, "So, have you shared an opinion on that point with your daughter?"

    Squirm, no doubt.

    Followup, "Have you exposed your daughter to training that would cause her to believe her mother will be destroyed by God at Armageddon?"

    I am sure others can come up with more.


  • alamb

    Record your children whenever you can. I got mine recorded as saying that if they lived with their father they could have horses and live in the new system. They also told a therapist that they were taught by everyone that I was going to die because I didn't go to the Kingdom Hall anymore.

    My 4 year old testified she would rather die with me at Armageddon than live with her dad. Let it be shown how it is damaging the children. Your attorney needs all the info. he can get but it must be VERY concise. I overwhelmed mine in my agony to show what was going on. Let them know you are not attacking the religion, you are looking out for the best interests of the children.

  • jgnat

    Also, she should keep a diary of dates and events. She won't read it off to a judge, mind you, but she will be able to recall specific cruelties, or even note any patterns of behavior.

  • avishai

    Geez, gumby, Ringo, maybe ya coulda asked her why she wanted it instead of ripping her a new one?

  • jwfacts

    There is a paper by Richard Singelenberg’s (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) "Child Custody Decisions and Jehovah’s Witness Parenthood" that looks at cases where the non witness won custody on the basis that being a JW was harmful to the mental health of the child. I have quoted it a bit at

  • Elsewhere

    Here is what the WTS gives to JW parents:

  • Mum

    If it will help you to relate the experience of someone who has been in a similar situation, contact me. My daughter and I both wll willingly give testimony in the form of deposition, affidavit or court appearance or any other form used by the legal system.

    My daughter was taught to hate me. She was told she would never see me again, never mind that the divorce papers gave me "liberal visitation" and summers and holidays. I was told to go away and forget about her existence, but I, of course would not abandon her or let her feel abandoned. I made sure to let her know how much I loved her whenever I was able to see her. She had to witness me being screamed at and being called vile names on many occasions.

    I did try to make her time with me as happy as possible. It was not easy. Sometimes I would use every penny I had to go get her, and he would come and take her away. He lied on several occasions to keep her from me. Once he said they were going away so I couldn't come to see her. I called the day after they were to have left, and they were home. Once he came and took her away saying he was going to take her on a trip to Opryland in Nashville, but did not take her there. He parked her in his abysmal trailer and left her alone all day while he was at work. He made at least twice as much money as I did, but I had a nice apartment and he had a run-down trailer.

    It all backfired. She is not a JW today. She is a master of arts in chemistry with a good husband and a child who has never been exposed to anything JW except on brief visits to a JW family member. My granddaughter's assessment of the JW's after attending one book study: "They're insane." She was a single-digit kid when she said this. Oh, to have had such wisdom at such a young age!

    Best regards,


  • Think

    JW Cult IS a Satanic Cult. They promissed everything good, but can't deliver.

    Expect from them everything WORST.

    What else you can expect from Satan? Love ?

    People, don't kid yourself. SatanTower is to to save you, but to kill your SOUL.

  • Cindyrenee

    Okay, took the advice to tape record. Wow! Asked the children, "What do you learn at the KH?" Child one, "If we talk we go to the back and get spanked." Child 2 "Yea, and Mommy-----(step mother) pulls our pants down and spanks us with the paddle or the wooden spoon." Child 4 "No, that is not at the KH, that is at home." Child one, "But, that is when we are really bad." "What do you do that is really bad?" Child one, "If we scream at her, or if we lie, or if we do bad things." Child one, "Sometimes she just tells us to go sit on our beds and wait for Daddy to come home." What does Daddy do when he comes home?" Child 2, "He comes up and talks to us, then he spanks us." Child 3 then pops up and says, "I don't like that." "What don't you like?" "I don't like that people are going to die. I don't want anybody to die." Child one, "Yea, bad people who don't love Jehovah are going to die with the dragon."

    ANY ADVICE?????? We don't spank them, they are good kids. . Mama bear instinct is coming out, and the feelings aren't good. Anybody know anything about the laws and spanking? Thanks again. Cindy

  • lisavegas420


    Please get the children some counseling. Their words are so painful to read.

    I have been where they are, with the feelings of guilt and fear. I became depressed, and developed stomach problems and migraines.

    lisa edited to I see no reason to spank or mentally torment little children..........ever!

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