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  • Cindyrenee
    I am looking for the book the sociey gives to help witnesses with custody cases. Found one link, but could not get it to download. Thank you so very much.
  • yesidid
  • ringo5

    Have you asked the elders in your hall?

  • gumby

    Would you mind sharing exactly what it was that ripped your family apart? If your mate left "the truth" and you are divorcing him over it, you might want to read about a fellow poster here that just took his own life because his wife left him and his two daughters shunned him. You won't find but maybe one or two people on this forum that is on your side if your a witness wanting custody of your children.......unless your mate is a total loser. Is he?


  • hooberus

    You might wish to personally contact Duane Magnani. He is a specialist and consultant on WT custody issues for families, and has also written a book on the subject.

    Here is the book: ( see #988)

  • AuldSoul

    yesidid had the right idea, but the link didn't get in there. Here is the link directly to the PDF: Preparing for Child Custody Cases

    I tested the link, it works. Just save it somewhere you can find it easily. I hope this helps.


  • Cindyrenee
    Thank you! I have been inactive for several years. Didn't want to be df'd because my daughter's husband would never let me see her or the children. My daughter tried to quietly leave and take her children, but.......her husband found a devious attorney who stated, "We are going to squash her like a bug." She was totally rejected by the congregation, of course. They tried to shame her into going back to the KH, to the point of having her commited. She was released after 48 hours; she was depressed, suffering from post partum blues, and the guilt of "What is wrong with me? " , but is not mentally ill, unless not wanting to be a witness anymore classifies you as such. She was completely alone, 450 miles from her family; she knew nobody except JWs, including her husband's family who all shunned her. She was left alone, isolated with a four year old, and one year old triplets. The congregation turned on her, and our family with such a vicious, hateful, slanderous attitude; writing depositions that were totally lies, evil. I was shocked. I never expected the lies and deceit. Anyway, she managed to leave, but not with the children. She has joint legal custody with reasonable rights of visitation. He has physical custody, and states "reasonable rights" is what he deems reasonable. Her five year old son was crying the other day because, "I don't want you to die Mommy." She assured him she is not dying. He said, "Yes you are, because you don't love Jehovah." Her husband switched doctors without telling her, and refuses to let her have the children on any holidays. She consulted an attorney who told her she had every right to pick the children up for Chrismas, since she has not had them for ANY holiday this last year. She did. Now her husband's lawyer has filed contempt of court charges, stating that she agreed to having the children raised as JW's. She never agreed to this. Anyway, they are going back to court, and HE brought up the religious issue. We talked to Mr. Magnani, but there is no way we can afford his fees, would love to have his help, but......having been witnesses for many years doesn't make you a well to do person. Any advice will be deeply appreciated. Sorry this is so long.
  • Forscher

    Sorry to hear about your daughter's problems!
    Imagine it when the congregation turns against an innocent witness and backs a lying, conniving disfellowshipped ex-husband. I've seen that one! Itt looks like your daughter has run afoul of the rather vague provision for "reasonable" visitation. Just what exactly does "reasonable" mean? Does it mean she can have her children whenever she want to visit? Or does it mean that it is totally at up to the ex with physical custody? That is the problem here when visitation rights are not spelled out in detail.
    The woman I mentioned earlier lived about 100 miles from her ex. He felt that "reasonable" visitation meant he could have them whenever he demanded, and that "Reasonable notice" meant that he was free to just beat on the door and demand them any time he wanted without any advanced notice. He considered it a violation of their agreement if she didn't just produce them on a moments notice. He made it where she effectively couldn't have a social life because he would show up at random times and go complain to the elders of her congregation if she was not at home and cooperative. And they sided with him!
    What she needs to do is to go before the court and get her visitation rights spelled out in detail! Yes, it is going to cost her some money, and no, it may not garraunty her the visitations since assholes like that can usually find some way to ignore the orders. but it is the only shot she has.

  • Purza


    What state are you in? And if you daughter can afford it, make sure she gets an attorney. A family law specialist if possible. Is she divorced? or just separated?


  • Cindyrenee
    She is in Nebraska. She has an attorney, he is very nice, willing to accept payments. He has a good heart and is genuinely concerned with helping her. He just doesn't know much about these particular kinds of cases. Most people dont'. Thank you all for your help.
    She is in Nebr

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