HELP in love with a jw woman

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  • kornnjw

    I love this jehovah witness, and she is driving me crazy with her meetings, watch tower booklets, conventions. Of course I do sometimes go to her weird kingdom hall. I'm finding stuff about her I hate, like...Only go on dates shaberoned don't drive with a singel guy and a single girl cus it looks bad they say. She don't come into my house only by herself (she dont want to) she talks about jehovah is being God. Don't believe in ANY holiday's. No blood transfusions (with that I agress dont know where that blood came from but sometimes have to) I went to a funeral with her the funeral was in a dang kingdom hall. She believes in the 144,000. I've told her my believes on 144,000, if it is 144,000 the gates would be long shut by now. She doesn't believe in hell. they say when we die we die thats it no heaven no hell we die. they believe we'll inhart the earth...which makes sense but bogus...She wanted me to tel my 3 best friends about her, i didn't for so long i gave in. Ahhh She smothering me with Gifts, presents, scooby doo stuff, she calls me alot...ruining my life...Scared to life my life how i want without her strict demans. no voilent video games, no violent movies...bogus...i'm still a very goddly person...theres many leavels of goddliness. I only play violent games just for a stress reliever thats all. She went through my DVD's and video games for judging me what i watch and play. Of course i watch R movies, big horror fanatic I only watch for the fun of being scared. If I didn't marry her I'd loose my family, friends, everything just for her not worth it at any cost. I never heard of a jw until i talked to her, never knew how horible jehovah witnesses are. Please help me. I wanna back out but dont know how, by a jehovah witness she also has bipolor, personal boardor singdrom and 1 other thing... She said she serious love me and only me, if i back out i'm scared she'll kill herself.

  • kid-A

    dude, there are tons of fish in the sea. My advice would be to RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can and dont look back.

    You are getting yourself into something you cant even begin to imagine. You will never have a normal life with a JW.

  • Gerard

    1.- Run.

    2.- Don't look back.

    3.- Keep running.

  • mydiscounts

    Get sick do what ever you have to but get the hell out fast, I dont know why she is even dating you if your not a JW that is against the rules.

    Heck I would even take up smoking if I were you LOL...

    But seriously you say she has mential illness run like hell before it is too late.

  • Golf

    Thanks for dialing 911. Hey, if you DON'T take the medicine prescribed by the experienced folks here, good luck!


  • Honesty


    If you dont RUN RUN RUN you will end up being a miserable person for the rest of your life.

  • Chimene

    Yes! Run like Hell!

  • kornnjw

    I think I should run or dont care if she does kill herself no my problems its hers, she shouldnt date me i'm not a jw at all i think i should go back to my first girlfriend her name is Barbara. at least she dont snoop in my personal stuff, or a friend named Becky, becky want me to visit her which i wanna in summer and she wants to come down her and see me also, becky and my relatiojnship is very very deep....Becky and I are like brother and sister. Next week i'm going to get my game resident evil back from her....Gosh cant believe she snooped in my games and movies colection, at least Becky, barb, kay and I have bounderies.

  • skyman

    Run, Run< Run man an keep running. She is a fruit loop.

  • jgnat

    You don't even like her. You're smothered. Get your game back and warn her family she's suicidal. If she calls saying she's taken pills or anything, DON'T RUN TO HER SIDE, dial 911. If she's faking it, she'll be in big trouble and she won't try that stupid manipulative trick on anyone else. If she's for real, the professionals will be alerted to her problem.

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