HELP in love with a jw woman

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  • lola28




    4. Change your name

    5.Move to Canada


  • Super_Becka

    RUN LIKE HELL AND DON'T LOOK BACK... and if you think she's following you... RUN SOME MORE!!

    This woman would be a total nutjob even if she wasn't a JW, it's definitely time for you to get out before it's too late. This is not a good relationship for you. She is controlling your life and you don't even like her. Find someone new, someone who will love you for who you are and not try to control every aspect of your life.

    Dude, when a girl takes your Resident Evil game, it's time to lose her!! NOBODY messes with your video games, NOBODY!!

    -Becka (of the Resident Evil gamers class) :)

  • Clam

    she sounds really nice.

  • ferret

    I have to agree to the RUN...RUN...RUN. as fast as you can, if she intrudes on your privacy now what does the furure hold.

  • Think

    Run away ! As fast as you can !

    You don't wont deal with the Satan !

  • kornnjw

    I liked her in the begining but me learning moreand more about her and with her snoop in my video games and movies, then later on she saids every guy she dates she goes through they're video game, movies, everything and see if or how goddly they are. Of course she barowed me 2 of her movies, i'll watch 'em but then i'm returning 'em a.s.a.p. i'll tell her i want my RE game back she has No dame right to mess with anyones personal stuff including my video games. her family knows she suicial sometimes also. she been to be hospitalized twice if shes again she'll be locked up for 3 mouthes or more, she came to my house wensday night, she was suicial about something and also sometimes she cant sleep she takes sleeping pills, she was drugged up,she knocked on my door at 10 at night stupid me didnt listen to my conscience guess she put me under her spell, i should've called the police on her but didnt i wasnt thinkin i forget but at 10 at night, she knocked i was stupid enough to open the door, she came in she forced herself to my bedroom, fell alseep on my bed. she left at 1:30 a.m i think.

  • mydiscounts

    Listen this is very serious, JWS are taught only seek the elders help, if this chick is not trying to date another JW something is up.

    It may even be to late for you already LOL but you could still try leaving, if she is nuts what if she goes on a killing spree and then does herself look at what happen in CA that woman was sick for many years now 8 people are dead.

    It is just sounding funny that no other JWs are knocking on her door, you better hope that chick aint put no root on ya...

    GET OUT A LIVE, it life depends on it that is what I say!

  • jgnat

    If a bipolar is running around at all hours at night it's a cry for help. She's BEGGING to be put in the hospital for a while. Don't worry. They won't hold her forever.

  • jojochan
    Dude, when a girl takes your Resident Evil game, it's time to lose her!! NOBODY messes with your video games, NOBODY!!

    I have to agree with this one. That right there should let you know where she's coming from. I'm really sorry.


  • Nellie

    K - Even if she wasn't a JW my advice would be the same. End the relationship. We all have issues and pasts, but this is more. Her mental health issues will always be a cause of drama in your relationship - when you add THAT together with the indoctrination of being a JW, you have a combination that you obviously aren't capable of handling. This is absolutely no disrespect to you - but you're here looking for advice, right? Take it - end things before you find yourself trapped.

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