I was a JWs grew up as one because of my life being so crupt, I was homeless for 2 years and live mainly on the streets of NYC with my mother and brothers and sisters, we never had a stable life and I did not want that for my children. My mother had several men in her life and had children by all of them, this was not a future I wanted for my life so I chose to become one, I actually knew nothing else, my mom would send us older kids and force us to go out from door to door, so naturally all of my close friends were from there, it was not until I became a married woman and my husband began to overburden me with being on lock down, that I realized one day I needed worldly people in my life as a source of support. One night when I left him after a fight I ran to a sisters house, he called every witness in my hall until he found me then told her husband that he did not want us together again needless to say that sister never had anything else to do with me. I continued on my journey and though I do believe Jehovah is God, I also believe that mankind has taken his name and created what they want to gain money for themselves, it is and has always been and will always be a business that uses people that is my belief. I never believed the end of the system was coming or right around the corner, the churches have hell and we have the fact that the new system is coming, every chruch on the face of this earth has something they hold over its believers to keep them in fear.