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    TooBad TooSad

    I have been reading and enjoying the posts here for over 2 years. I have been a Witness for over 30 years. I am going to the meetings just to keep peace in the family. I was an elder for about 10 years until I just could not take it any more and stepped down using my job as an excuse.

    I do not go from door to door however I still put my "time" in the box to keep the elders off of my back. Not one person has ever questioned how I can report time without ever going out in service. It is easy, just write it down on a little piece of paper. My wife and other family members are rigid members.

    The blood issue is now really a hot topic with the ever changing new light. Everyone is in a state of confusion. It is so sad to see so many people not using the brain that God gave them. The Bible says very little about blood however the society can put out a 6 page letter of instruction concerning the ins and outs of proper blood usage.

    Just a little note concerning rooms for the conventions this summer. I just refuse to permit anyone to tell me where I can stay, when I am covering the cost. I made reservations at a nice hotel so that I can get my points for staying with the hotel chain. I did, for the heck of it, call a few hotels one day after everyone in the back of the hall struggled to see the list of acceptable rooms authorized for use, and three of the hotel chains only had smoking rooms left. Why would the organization every book smoking rooms. I do not want to be offensive to any out there who smoke, but everyone knows how witnesses view smoke from cigs. I forgot to mention that some of the friends, on the night of the much looked forward to release of the acceptable list for hotels, actually used their cell phones in the kingdom hall to make the reservations to increase their odds of getting what they want. For some reason I did not see any of the elder's wifes writing down the hotel numbers to call.

    When I told my dear wife what I had reserved for the assembly she asked why did I do that? I told her and she said well what am I going to tell the friends if they ask were we are staying for the assembly? Isn't it sad when you have to worry what others think if you stay in a hotel that you are paying for?

    I have tons and tons of experiences during the past 30 years. I will share some as time permits.

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  • cruzanheart

    Welcome, TBTS! Welcome to the board and welcome to freedom! It's pretty cool. I was raised a Witness and left after 46 years. The past four have been the absolute best years of my life. It's nice to see life as it really is.


  • Spectre

    Looking forward to reading more.

  • freedomlover

    welcome TBTS! this is an awesome place to start sharing your years of frustration or heartbreak. It's also a really fun place to joke around. have fun, hopefully this place will help you. It's been a life-saver to me.


  • prophecor

    Welcome. Good to have you come from behind the Iron Curtain.

  • Honesty

    Welcome to da bored, TBTS!!!!!

    Can't wait to hear some of your stories about how faithful the slave is NOT.

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    Welcome. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Yeah, it is that time of year again, DC reservations... Funny how somebody who might try and really and live a life of simplicity (like, by not spending $ on a luxury like a cell phone) gets screwed by their Brothers™ who can't wait to get home. It's important to get that motel next to the Tacoma Dome with the pool.

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    Welcome to the board. So glad & happy to know you have seen the "NEW LIGHT"I was a JW for 25 yrs made 10 people JWS was D/F because I dont believe Jesus came invisably in 1914.... Pull up a Chair & join in the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!! I am the GRANNY on board

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    Welcome! it's always cool to hear news from the inside. so glad the blood issue is causing confusion.

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