Comments You Will Not Hear at the 2-5-06 WT Study (Trust)

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  • stillAwitness

    BluesBrother: Am I right or am I leaping off on a tangent?

    You are absolutely right! And its not like the witnesses don't admit this. During this same WT study this one "sister" made the comment that this study article was directed particulary towards servants of Jehovah (and we all know what that means) b/c those in the world are already entrapped in satan's system.

    Can you believe she would say something like that? And yet I bet all the non-wittnesses in the audience would not of even catched on.

    By the way; I hear so much about this book on here: George Orwell. In the allegory "Animal Farm" I must go and get it I suppose.


    What a great review. The study today was a bunch of crock was it not? I liked how they put the whole secular education tidbit in from time to time. Classic exmple of Reinforcement.

    One dumb and very lonely sister made the comment that even those who have the means to buy what they want does not mean they should b/c how can they relate to their brother or even householder who has nothing?

    Who says I have to relate to anyone???!! Jesus was the freakin Son of God but he did not disown his family heritage so he could "relate" to the people he was preaching too.

    Ridiculous! Had to get up and take a breather in the bathroom a couple times to avoid any sudden vomiting.

  • stillAwitness

    I know of many, including myself, that have pursed higher ed not for money, fame, material goods but to work at an occupation that interests me, stimulates me, is challenging and emotionally rewarding that I both enjoy and that both contributes to my self esteem and contributes to the well-being of my fellow man. For me, money is neither the priority nor the goal

    I agree with this also! If I was filthy rich I would still be in college. I want to major in creative writing more than anything but I know it would be more practical to probably let that be my minor.

    But I definetly see college as just a wonderful way to grow up and be about something. Not just about finding a good job.

    Besides Corporate America sux.

    I wear enough pantyhose already.

  • jojochan
    A YOUNG man wanted to be more useful in his congregation. The problem was that his secular work interfered with his regular meeting attendance. How did he address the situation? He simplified his life, resigned from his job, and in time found employment that did not interfere with his Christian activities.

    Today, he earns much less than before, but he still cares for his family's needs and is much better able to support the congregation

    They tried to put that on me back in day to make me feel guilty, that brings back such memories.

    My dad told me about this article a week before right when the brothers deleted him. It was then he lokd at me and how the family is now, and for once admitted that he sacrificed too much for the truth, what was his sacrifice? Time lost with his family. At the time whe I was young i understood but was envious of that.

    He never attended that w.t study...interesting.

    Thank you for the lesson Blondie.


  • Gregor

    Yes, thanks again Blondie for all your efforts.

    I wish I could see inside the head of the following person when this article is studied,

    He was an elder. He was also vice president of a large bank in our medium sized town. It was late in 1974 or early in 1975 as I recall when he told everyone what he had just done. One morning at a bank staff meeting he announced that he was resigning his position to become a full time minister. He then proceeded to give his captive employees a thorough witness - his theme? Repent!The end is near! He even told them it was going to be somewhere around Oct of '75. That's right, just being regular jackass wasn't good enough he had to get up in front of a bunch of non-believers and start hee haw'ing! He and his wife more or less liquidated their assets and started pioneering.

    It took him about 5 years to run out of money (and, probably, starting to get a weired feeing every time he tore a page off the calendar) You guessed it. He went back to his old bank and asked for a job. They rehired him. Last time I heard he was driving a Cadillac and conducting the WT study!

  • heathen
    Last time I heard he was driving a Cadillac and conducting the WT study!

    Yah I bet he even praised jehovah for being able to get his job back. I'm telling ya you just can't win with their mentality .

  • jgnat

    For you, StillaWitness, a searchable online version of Animal Farm. It's a short read, but rich.

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