Does life begin at 40?

by qwerty 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • undercover

    40 is the new 30...or so I'm told

    It's like they also say...youth is wasted on the young.

    To have the strength and stamina that I had in my 20s and be able to harness that with the knowledege and wisdom of my 40 some years...than yes life would begin at 40

  • xjwms

    It all depends on your finances

    You should be set with work and monies, by 40

    If not, ... you will be working for a long time.

  • qwerty

    Yes .......But!! "THEY" say it begins, who are "they" if your telling me somfink else?

  • mrsjones5

    I have no idea who "They" are

  • GetBusyLiving
    "THEY" say it begins, who are "they"

    "They" are probably trying to sell you a summer home.


  • sir82
    40 is the new 30

    I heard 60 is the new 40.

    In related news, green is the new black, ostrich is the new beef, and aardvarks are the new porcupines.

    Pass it on!

  • ferret

    It did for me. Thats when I made major changes in my life including leaving dubland, and its been better ever since.

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge


    He who shares my birthday!! Here's hoping it begins @ 40 and we have many years left!

    Happy Belated Birthday!


  • greendawn

    For men I really believe that the latter part of their lives can be the most creative and productive where they can also develop a strong personality and life satisfaction. Especially between 40 and 60 provided that no serious diseases occur.

    Let's not forget that senior government officials are usually 50 plus.

  • joelbear

    lower sex drive for men anyway

    begin indicates that no life occurred for 39 years, that's not true.

    i think you have to learn to experience the world a bit differently

    you have more knowledge, so you should be able to make better decisions about your life

    most people have kids and grandkids coming, grandkids could be considered the beginning of life i suppose.

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