My TV Has Demons

by Undecided 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • wednesday

    Your TV is probably picking up the remote signal from someone else's remote , garage door opener, etc. . Ours did that a few times.. We called the repair people and they explained it. Just like occ we will pick up a telephone conversation on TV. I won't pretend to understand all this, just that it happens. Now that we have digital cable, we have not had any unusual activity.

    So relax, it is not the demons. It is one of your neighbors.

  • greendawn

    You sound like a superstitious dub LOL, there is a down to earth cause to the problem electronics can play strange games, not our brain electronics but those of the TV.

  • Satanus

    Its the annunaki from the twelfth planet that want to supervise your tv viewing. They used to be gods, you know, and we used to be their slaves, until the israelites beat their asses. Then they flew away in their stone ships.


  • NYCkid

    The prospects don't look good for your TV, it's going to have to be disfellowshipped

  • Elsewhere

    You've been watching the Smurfs on your TV haven't you! That's a sure way of getting demons in your TV!

  • Nosferatu

    Well, either your TV is posessed by demons, or it is made by Sony.

    I had a Sony car CD player that would only play CDs in the daytime.

  • limbogirl

    your tv definitely is demonized and should be burned in a fire. it's the only way to remove the demons. you will probably have to chant jehovah, jehovah in order for the demons to release their hold on your tv -- otherwise, the tv will be immune to fire. KIDDING! however, I was told stories during my childhood in JW-ville about various objects, books, etc that were demonized and would not burn because of the evil spirits and only jehovahs name broke the spell. I think I was about five when my parents chose to tell me these creepy stories...however, they would not allow me to watch Wizard of Oz. too many witches and scary stuff. go figure!

  • mustang

    You know where the remote is, but where is your cat?


  • mrsjones5

    I have little demons who take over my tv and cancel my DVR recordings

    little demons = my kids who are too damn smart


  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    MyTV will occasionaly change channels by it self. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

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