My TV Has Demons

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  • wanda

    Google for example using "cause stalking" and "cult." Changing TV channels, making garage doors be open, making an item glow in the dark, wiretapping, harrassing by sounds and voice are electronic doings. Not demons; electronic doings increasingly done by cause stalking cults, ranging from religious nuts to atheists and vigilantees.

    Possibly some fruitcake old elder who likes to molest children or is worried you'll spill the beans about what's he's done is molesting you. Use Caesar's sword the FBI or police if they continue. There's some interesting photos on the net taken by a news reporter who was harrassed by Christian Identity or the like, showing them in the act of surveillance of her house. She wrote a book about it. Fruitcake groups sometimes work together.

  • Undecided

    My wife told me that right before her first husband died in his early 30s that the lights would come on at night sometimes. Doesn't sound too good. I have been having this feeling that I might die soon, I'll be 70 next week. Oh well, something is going to get me sooner or later.

    Ken P.

  • mkr32208

    Maybe the demon just doesn't like your taste in shows!

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