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  • jwfacts

    Being able to move between the dimensions, great concept, I love it.
    And why not, the angels could do it prior to the flood, so why not us. Float around playing harps by day and come to earth to get down and dirty by night.

  • kid-A

    And so in this way also will those who dwell in the heavens enjoy access to the physical world in order to enjoy the whole of creation including the animal world

    How about trying to live in the real world instead of wasting your time in fantasy land? Earth calling the god-people! Earth calling the god-people! Come in god-people!

  • Jake99


    I dont read about other peoples ways, other than what Jesus suggested so Karl Marx is no one to me. I am an efficiency expert so I read the sayings of Jesus as such. Only a fool runs the types of complex operating systems this world uses. My philosophy is to do what is right and it has always worked out perfectly, just as Jesus said it would. I have led a sheltered and fortunate life so doing the right thing was easy for me and not so easy for most.

  • heathen
    How about trying to live in the real world instead of wasting your time in fantasy land?

    Dude the real world sucks all to hell . We don't have a choice but to live in it and suffer and die , that's a given there . Excuse people for wanting more .

  • Carmel

    Hey Uncle 'Skunk"! Still lobbin gernades and runnin....


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore may be on to something there!!!!!! Great idea

  • Jake99

    I am the man who knows the way into Heaven on Earth. It is the same plan that Jesus outlined combined with the technology of today.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    When the bible has been used by all religions as a crowbar of guilt it is hard to see it as anything other than a manual of control. It had me for years while weilded by the JW's. I have no use for man promoted religion. God is for each of us to find I think. I don't beleive he has a mcdonalds like chain of faith centers. W.Once

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