Mind Control Alert - Watchtower Article - simplifying your life -

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  • TopHat

    If this young man quit his job....my question is where does he live? On a park bench? Or does he depend on someone else with a JOB to take care of his material needs. I think the WTS makes up these stories cause it is just NOT reality.

  • jwfacts

    Well spotted. When I was a kid it used to really annoy me when the paragraph did not give the answer to the question. I used to wonder why the person writing the question did not realise the answer was not in the paragraph. Now I know, a teaching, uh indoctrinating technique.

    The magazines do not have to be paid for by the publisher as the WTS can not sell magazines for taxation reasons. However, the Kingdom Ministry has recommended that the publisher should put in a donation for it, and also contribute any donations received by the householder, double dipping.

  • daniel-p

    I never liked the illustration Jesus used in the first place. So what if the sparrow doesn't know where its food comes from - humans are a bit more complex and dynamic than little birds and our lives are much more complicated. Isn't it also said that a man who does not work is not deserving of food? So if I am supposed to work, why am I made to feel guilty if I occassionaly feel anxious about it? At least a little work anxiety has its reward, not like being anxious about if my time is enough - OH NOES I ONLY GOT 8 HOURS IN THIS MONTH!! - or if Bro. Mike Handler Extrordinaire sees that I didn't study my Pulp Religion Monthly magazine.

    I'm sick of it. FUCK EM ALL.

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