I can't believe I told somebody

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    Country Girl

    Welcome My Discount. Are you related to the Dollar General?


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    one thing that I would like to get right out in the open that has troubled me for many years is the fact that many JWS are taught not to work for themselves, they are all taught to go work for someone else.

    I was not allowed to go to college and get educated back in the 80s and this has left a lot of anger in me, I believe they want to keep the people poor and uneducated, though recently the light has gotten brighter for them and now we are allow to go to college I know so many JWS getting a degree now late in life when they already miss that boat.

    It is just very confusing to me how they want to control every aspect of ones life. I ended up married too young, I currently work for myself, something my husband never wanted me to do, because it has taken his level of control with my own money I go on business trips run my own home base business and make my own plans, one day I just said hey if I am going to lose I am going to do it my own way and so I did.

    Working for financial freedom, wanna know why the rich get richer and the poor and middle class get pooer? it is because the system which they use to make money in was designed to keep them poor and middle class for the rest of their natural lives.

    just my thoughts...

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    No I am not related to the Dollar General but I wish I was LOL...

    I actually teach people how to save money on products and services, for example I save 18% on my cell phone bill and can not believe how many people are still paying the full rate.

    I have not bought laundry detergent in the last 6 months and can not understand why anyone would be standing in line at Sams. I have over 100 partner stores and market over 1 million products and services worldwide. We are the worldwide business builders team.

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    interesting. Do you have a web address?

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    Welcome to the board, mydiscounts

    I have not bought laundry detergent in the last 6 months and can not understand why anyone would be standing in line at Sams.

    Enlighten us. I use a lot of detergent washing away the Watchtower filth that was imbedded in my clothing.

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    Welcome mydiscounts . congrats on your business.

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