beards not a rule but!!!

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  • DannyBloem

    James Free, welcome to the board.

    thereare many rules written only to the Do's, or orally told to the do's maybe.

    Beards were never a real problem here. Knew several elders with beards.
    In the 80's though it was a bit strict I remember. Probably not allowed on stage. So was a non white shirt here


  • jwfacts

    Welcome James, great first post.

    That answer the brother gave is wrong on several levels, it constantly shocks me how JWs believe the stupid things they say. For one, the person was trying to compare the inspired Mosaic Law with an uninspired Watchtower implication. For another, Jesus was always pushing the bounds of the Mosaic Law, showing that principles were more important, such as when he picked grain on the Sabbath. And the Pharisees hated him for it, as do the elders and GB when someone is not a obedient to the letter of their law.

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Its winter here in the UK. So I have a beard right now.

  • FairMind

    An older black brother in my congregation had a soul chip (didn't know that is what it is called until reading earlier post) and was used recently on an assembly program. I grew one to see what would be said. Several weeks went by without a word from any elder although a couple of smart-ass MS' made comments. Then the day came, I gave a talk in the TMS and after the meeting the school overseer approached me and suggested that I would not be on the platform again unless I shaved the soul chip off. He also insinuated that I was probably going to grow a beard as well (just like the apostates). Although I did shave the soul chip off the point that the elder's have double standards was made.

  • greendawn

    Like university education it is not a rule but on the other hand it is a rule, someone that violates it will suffer some sanctions however mild. It has no biblical backing so this is a rule of men to burden unnecessarily their followers. Some religions like the orthodox consider having a beard as something becoming to sainthood.

  • deeskis

    "soul chip" eh?!

    in Australia we call it a "flavour saver"! lol

  • jojochan

    If Bro Prince can wear a soul patch under his lip, like so many brothas in my area do, then so can I!

    LET THEM HAVE BEARDS! LOLOLOL! ok I'm done now.

    jojochan...the scruffy.

  • IronClaw

    Oh how I know about this one. This is exactly what started me on the road out of the org. Just read my profile. I was told by the elders that I could not be used if I had a beard. It might stumble some. Bullsh-t! I still say whats more stumbling , having a beard or WT association with the UN?

    Oh by the way, You better believe I have a beard now.

  • freedomlover
    Oh by the way, You better believe I have a beard now.

    good for you Ironclaw!

    freedomlover ( from the beards are sooooo hotttt class!)

  • SomeGeek

    Oh my goodness, my ex grew a little beard, patchy but it was the cutest thing! I just happen to catch him before he went to the barber. I realllllllly like it and I was reallllllllly convencing I like it. And when he cam back, the barber just shaped it up. :) . He mother came in the room and was said "I thought you were going to the barber honey" touching his face and shaking her head. I was so proud, for once he stood up and was said "I did" and she looked really confused. It was sooo funny. She left the room and I just smiled at him. He kept it for a while too.

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