How A Prominent Watchtower Exposer Was Framed and Jailed

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  • BrendaCloutier

    KATU news, an affiliate of ABC had a major role in publicising this slander againt Fritz . (See KATU News report)

    and ABC is owned by Disney.... my nickel on connections. Otherwise it was an ... um... erm... interesting read.

    What bugs me is this Fritz guy is another Oregonian.... Damn these religionists and religious nut cases give this state a bad name.

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  • abbagail

    "'s hard to see how the Jewish Rothchilds would support Hitler who had never made a secret of his rabid antisemitism."

    Actually it makes perfect sense. The "global elite" have no more love for real Jewish brethren than they do for any other segment of society, including the poor, needy, elderly, disabled, people of color, people who are Christians, etc. Their plan calls for a mass population reduction to the tune of leaving only 500 mil left on the planet.

    Besides I wouldn't be so sure Rothschild is really a "true Jew" in view of Rev. 2:9 where the Lord said, "those who say they are Jews but are not," etc. Rothschild, Red Shield, Ruth's Child, etc. Maybe he really is in the flesh, I don't know, but definitely not biblically.

    If Rothschild cared a twit about Jewish people he would not have a hand in getting millions of them to make "aliyah" back to Israel (which his $$ helped to establish and which his occult markings and name are on the Israel Supreme Court building), so that he and his illuminist/luciferian buddies can then turn around and hand over these millions of innocent Jews into the arms of their illuminist's Masonic New Age Christ (antichrist). They have every intention of letting their coming "2nd Hitler," their Masonic Christ, kill and torment a few more million Jews.

    It's no stretch of the imagination to understand that the global elite set up Hitler and WW2, the same as they set up WW1 and will set up WW3. All the wars are just stepping stones to get them to their ultimate goal of world domination. They want the earth and all its resources for themselves and a few serfs to serve under them. (they feel so many people on the planet are using up all the earth's resources and leave them empty handed someday; hence their passionate desire to exterminate hordes of earth's population, which they have already been doing in systematic spurts, but bigger days are coming). They also practice the occult, which worships creation rather than the creator; hence they want the earth to be "re-wilded" back to its original habitat with very few humans around to "mess things up." (yes, they are behind the green movement also). Read between the lines always in the news... look behind what the news is saying, usually the truth is in the opposite direction.

    Oh well, I know this thread is a year old. I was looking for something else in the search engine and ran across this thread.


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