How A Prominent Watchtower Exposer Was Framed and Jailed

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    The "Who" has been solved by a Christian researcher who dedicated his life to going as far as his mind and eyes would take him in this subject. His name is Fritz Springmeier.

    Fritz Springmeier started off originally as a talented and certified graphoanalyst, a specialist who determines the character and qualities of an author by analysing his handwriting.(See his graphoanalyst website)At some point, it occured to him that he could use his skills to detect frauds in religious scriptures. Vietnam war followed, during which he noticed that combatants like him were being psychologically broken down and rebuilt again to serve the interests of the powers that may be. It was at that point he decided to rebuild himself to serve God and determine who the "other pwers that may be" were.

    Fritz Springmeier became fascinated with the phenomena of "Mind control" being conducted by secret agencies like the CIA to develop individuals solely to serve their purposes, such as assasination, sex etc. which would often result in the subjects being destroyed spiritually.This area became such an obssession for Fritz that he even married a mind control survivor, Cisco Wheeler.

    Since then, Fritz has established himself as an international authority in the field of mind control, its process and how to undo it, his leading book written in partnership with his wife being "The Illuminati formula used to control a total mind control slave".


    But his greatest work was yet to come. Fritz decided to research the people who were behind these horrific processes such as mind control and whether there was really a global conspiracy. Fritz also happens to be a very good conversationalist, which resulted in people coming to him with valuable tips and confessions. Many of them were high in the establishment, and some ended up getting murdered. One researcher who was treading the same path of research as Fritz (and often quoted by Fritz), David Hill, was actually murdered! Yet this never deterred Fritz.

    Following years of research, digging up of government archives,visits to libraries and interviews, Fritz managed to trace the 13 families which represent the enigmatic "Bloodlines of the IlluminatI". For those of you who dont know, The Illuminati was a secret society established in Germany in 1776 with the aim of establishing Stan's rule on earth.(more here)

    There is considerable indication that 12 out of these 13 families are actually the 12 lost tribes of Israel. Some are actually descendants of the same jews who were involved in the attempted crucifixion of Christ.

    What most of us dont know is that these 12 tribes formed a Kingdom near present day Armenia known as Khazaria. This kingdom was noted for its pagan and esoteric practices. Later the Khazar Kingdom disappeared without a trace of the 12 tribes. But there is indication they surfaced in Southern France forming the Merovingian Kingdom which in turn resurfaced as Cathars (derivative of Khazars?). The Cathars created a breakway deistic pseudo-christian cult which resulted in the Catholic church declaring war on them. The Cathars disappear again, but it is very plausible they moved to Bohemia, Germany. These so called "Bohemians" married into, assimilated and took over most of European royalty and Bohemia has been such an important nerve center of their activity that the North American HQ of the Illuminati in California is called the Bohemian Grove ! The Illuminati has control over the agenda of most secret societies associated with it, such as Freemasons.

    a 13th non Jewish bloodline, the secret Oriental Li family was added to the 12 tribes of the Illuminati forming 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati.(The Li's had to be added since the Illuminati needed local allies for the hugely profitable Oriental drug trade as well as to exploit the Orient)Note that all Illuminati bloodlines are secret jews with the exception being bloodlines such as the Rothschilds which are open jews and the Chinese Li's. What is more important than them being jews or not is the fact that these are the people forwarding Luciferan agenda.

    The following are thus the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, which have been writing history for more than the last five centuries and which continue to determine our future historical course:

    The Astor Bloodline.
    The Bundy Bloodline.
    The Collins Bloodline.
    The DuPont Bloodline.
    The Freeman Bloodline.
    The Kennedy Bloodline.
    The Li Bloodline.
    The Onassis Bloodline.
    The Rockefeller Bloodline.
    The Rothschild Bloodline.
    The Russell Bloodline.
    The Van Duyn Bloodline.
    The Merovingian Bloodline.

    Other associated bloodlines are Disneys, Macdonalds, Krupps and Reynolds.

    Fritz Springmeier's book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati is available on the internet for FREE at the following url, thanks to someone who has decided to publicise his book:

    but please save all the text in each bloodline link a Word file on your computer. Websites hosting the works of Fritz Springmeier are getting whacked by the day and there is no guarantee that the above website will be online tommorow .(Read the story of a site which got whacked)

    If you have the time and internet speed, you can download and watch these videos for FREE in which Fritz gives hair raising revelations and makes startling predictions. It is really great to hear him speak. Click here to go to the video download page

    His book. The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati is considered the greatest expose' on the existence of Global Conspiracy since Marsden translated the Protocols of Zion into English . (For which Marsden was killed)


    Even while writing this book, Fritz Springmeier dropped hints that he was being followed and having his phone tapped. One person who agreed on phone to meet with him and inform him of some inside details about the Illuminati was found dead the next day. David Hill, a researcher who was treading the same subject was actually murdered when he decided to confront Masonist christian leader Billy Graham on his alleged involvement with the Illuminati. Another friend of Springmeier and ex-Illuminati John Todd was framed for multiple rapes and sent to prison where there was an attempt to murder him through an inmate. Rumour is that he has been killed too.

    On March 1st 2001, FBI and ATF teams raided his Oregon farmhouse and arrested him and his wife, after planting drugs, rascist literature and weapons in his home. Let me remind you that Fritz is a research scholar and only deals with books. In the process of the arrest, all his research material was confiscated and destroyed.The media played a key part in cooking the story, making Fritz look like a terrorist.

    Since that was not enough to detain Fritz and the charges were proven to be false, a Federal agent posed as a friend to Fritz and later tried framing him claiming Fritz had asked him to kill a police officer! Since that charge proved a fabrication, Fritz was instead framed for ARMED BANK ROBBERY ! to which he pleaded not guilty.

    On 9th February 2003, Fritz gave an interview to the Alex Jones Radio show in which he hinted that it could be his last interview......they were trying to frame him for life imprisonment. (Listen) Next, we hear that Fritz has lost the case and has been dragged into prison for a crime he didnt commit ! In prison, an inmate makes an attempt on Fritz's life but Fritz manages to survive. Clearly this was an attempt to silence Fritz for good.

    With the help of generous donations and support, Fritz's wife managed to get him an attorney who managed to get Fritz out of prison and drop many of the charges.

    To get him back in jail and to put an end to his research activities, a new charge of "planning a terrorist assault" against a Federal building, FBI offices and KATU news studios was put against Springmeier on Nov 13th,03. KATU news, an affiliate of ABC had a major role in publicising this slander againt Fritz. (See KATU News report)

    The news report claimed that several assault rifles etc were seized but fails to mention that all questionable items were not seized from Springmeier but from the property of a certain Tony Huntington, who was in league with the undercover Fed who befriended Springmeier .(See rebuttal to the News report by his wife)

    This time, Fritz Springmier has been really swallowed by the beast and its hard to tell whether he will ever be freed, let alone continue his research, write articles or make speeches.

    During his earlier times in jail, Fritz Springmeier would churn out weekly articles for his devout fans,which would be published here but this time, there is no article or word from him.

    The fate of Fritz sounds rather ominous, but it betrays one fact:The extent to which activities have been undertaken to frame him and silence him only reflects the extent to which his book has shaken the Illuminati.

    View regularly updated info on the frame up of Fritz here.....


    It is therefore imperative upon us to further publicise his expose on global conspiracy: "The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati"

    One must not forget that the recent resurgence in conspiracy circles regarding the Illuminati, MPD and SRA largely owe their factual underpinnings to the works of Springmeier.It has even produced the likes of David Icke who plagiarise their ideas from Fritz and drop in phrases like 'shape-shifting reptillians' to discredit the bloodline theory altogether.

    Quoting him and deriving from his ideas while turning a blind eye towards his current tribulations is indeed abominable. Webmasters are requested to publicise his frame-up as well as his book and trial by linking up to this Link which contains updated information regarding his current situation as well as details such as his wifes' adrress and email for support. Others, please read the Bloodlines book yourself and forward to friends.(link to bloodlines book given above)

    There is no question that his book rattled the powers that may be and he is being punished just for that. The extent to which the frame up has been conducted only demonstrates the proof of 13 Bloodlines and a Global Conspiracy. Fritz Springmeier himself has unfortunately become proof.

    Rig Boy said "Some of the links to Springmeier's videos and works don't are some working ones.

    Free eBooks and videos by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler

    The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler


    Part #1 - 1 hr 16 min. Part #2 - 1 hr 26 min


    BOOK[one document 1.5mb ] Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier (source ) (source)

    [In chapters]INTRODUCTION The 13 Bloodlines: 1.Astor 2. Bundy 3. Collins 4. DuPonts 5. Freeman 6.Kennedy 7. Li 8. Onassis 9. Reynolds
    10. Rockefeller
    11. Rothschild 12. Russell 13. Van Duyn
    European Royal Families:
    Merovingian Interconnected families: Krupp Disney McDonald


    The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

    [One document]:web site for documents (1.5MB) HTML (1.7mb)

    [In chapters]INTRODUCTION AND WARNING 1: THE SELECTION & PREPARATION OF THE VICTIM 2: THE TRAUMATIZATION & TORTURE OF THE VICTIM 3. THE USE OF DRUGS 4. The Use of Hypnosis 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics 7. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System 8. Body Manipulation & Programming 9. Mind Manipulation by Psychological Programming Methods: Behavior Modification, Psychological Motivation, NLP 10. Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc. A. Using spiritual principles against a person 1 1 . Internal Controls 12. External ControlsAppendix I: The ProgrammersAppendix II: The Programming Sites


    Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler


    One document: ( HTML)




    InterviewsCisco Wheeler
    Fritz Springmeier

    Extracted quotes

    Articles:Fritz Springmeier

    Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier

    Letter To My Friends From Prison by Fritz Springmeier March 12, 2003

    Give Them enough Rope and They'll Hang Themselves By F. Springmeier

    Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier


    Titled: Breaking the spell of slavery

    Subject: Spiritual manna no. 15, Explaining the magician's tricks From: Fritz Springmeier


    A look at the details involved in the creation of a third world war. By Fritz Springmeier


    United States Presidents and The Masonic Power Structure. By: Robert Howard

    "Dick" Cheney Made Millions Off Oil Deals with Saddam Hussein


    TO LOVE OR HATE—KNOW YOUR ENEMY. A look at the details involved in the creation of a third world war. By Fritz Springmeier



    Fritz Springmeier Gets 9 Years for Bank Robbery

    PORTLAND - A list of possible terror targets compiled by an ultra-right wing group, including government buildings and other facilities were made public Thursday as a federal judge sentenced a Portland area man for his part in a 1997 bank robbery.

    After the sentencing of Fritz Springmeier, a self-described religious author, Clackamas County Sheriff deputies revealed a loose-leaf binder seized in 2001 as a part of the case.

    Springmeier, a white separatist known for his anti-government writings will serve 9 years in federal prison. Federal Judge James Redden characterized the robbery that included the detonation of a pipe bomb as a diversion as "vicious."

    Among the locations handwritten in the binder entitled "Army of God, Yahweh's Warriors, were the federal building, FBI offices, and KATU studios in Portland.

    Floor plans to the FBI offices were also a part of the evidence seized in a raid on property near Corbett on Feb. 9, 2001.

    In the raid, federal agents also seized a cache of military-style assault weapons, including an AK-47, hand grenades, C-4 explosives, and bomb-making ingredients that included ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.

    "We take it (the target lists) very seriously," says Steve Thoroughman, a detective with Clackamas County, and the lead investigator of the US government's case against Springmeier and his accomplice Forrest Bateman, who was convicted and sentenced earlier this year in connection with the bank robbery.

    Thoroughman says agents of the FBI and ATF have reviewed the hand-written notes and have followed up on those leads.

    "They had the means to do almost anything they wanted to," said Thoroughman. They had fully automatic AK-47's, they had night vision, they had ceramic body armor, anything they needed to carry out an assault."

    Federal prosecutors say the handwritten notes were a clue to the workings of the group, but without additional overt acts they did not provide enough evidence to prove a conspiracy.

    "We had to have more to make that kind of a case," said Frank Noonan, the US attorney who prosecuted Springmeier.

    Springmeier's wife Patricia says her husband first met Bateman at a bible study in 1995.

    "He knew the bible forward and backward, and that's why they first got together," says Patricia Springmeier.

    Patricia also says her husband was framed by the federal government for his writings that she believes exposed corruption at high levels of the government.

    Just before sentencing Springmeier told the judge that the government had destroyed his life. As he had during his trial, Springmeier proclaimed his innocence and referred the sentence as a "divine blessing."

    Rebuttal To The KATU News Report
    Regarding My Husband, Fritz Springmeier
    "I'm innocent. I'm looking forward to discovering the divine benefits of the sentence that you give me. If the Government is trying to ruin my life, they will have to try harder."

    -Author Fritz Springmeier, at November 13, 1003 Sentencing

    "Just before sentencing Springmeier told the judge that the government had destroyed his life."

    -Paraphrased quotation falsely attributed to Springmeier by authors Eric Mason and John Stevens in the KATU News Report on November 13, 2003

    The above two statements stand in stark contrast to one another. The actual statement (blue text) was spoken by the most courageous man I have ever met in my life. The paraphrased statement (brown text) is a fiction that was attributed to the same man--my husband, Fritz Springmeier--by Eric Mason of KATU News (the local CBS affiliate) and John Stevens of International News in their KATU News report.

    How Mason and Stevens sat together in the courtroom, right behind me, with notebooks and pens in hand and yet bungled so audible a statement is beyond my comprehension. For the purpose of this rebuttal, KATU's statements will be in brown and my response will be in blue.

    Prior to sentencing, we had originally wanted to forward a simple communication from Fritz to let you all know that everything is OK and that we are seeking a retrial through several justifications.

    However, because there was so much fiendish innuendo and so many blatant lies contained in the KATU / Stevens report; we are obligated at this point to simply refute each false allegation one-by-one. I must add that in view of the latitude given law enforcement since the RICO act and 911, if they truly had such evidence against my husband, he would be charged and tried for Conspiracy to Commit Terrorist Acts. District attorney Frank Noonan says that "We had to have more to make that kind of a case". Thus, the real agenda for spreading such yellow journalism locally, is that it will ruin Fritz' chances for getting an untainted jury should one of the the appeals be successful-and of course-bring mainstream recognition to the so-called journalist, John Stevens. So, what about this "evidence"?

    "A list of possible terror targets compiled by an ultra-right wing group, including government buildings and other facilities were made public Thursday as a federal judge sentenced a Portland area man for his part in a 1997 bank robbery."

    FACT: This statement makes it sound as if the judge included it in his sentencing decree--which he did not. Furthermore, none of this "evidence" was spoken of at all in the courtroom. Notice how the article and video contain the typical "cover-your-legal-rear-end" qualifiers such as "possible terror targets", "evidence suggesting" and accusations disguised as questions.

    "After the sentencing of Fritz Springmeier, a self-described religious author, Clackamas County Sheriff deputies revealed a loose-leaf binder seized in 2001 as a part of the case."

    FACT: The loose-leaf binder was found on the Huntington property where Tony Huntington and Forrest Bateman lived. The handwriting in the loose-leaf binder is definitely not Fritz'. Furthermore, although Fritz makes no secret that he is a Christian, he has never described himself as a religious author.

    The video presentation shows a cache of illegal weapons, an Army of God armband and the loose-leaf binder, all obtained during a raid, leaving the viewer to assume that these items were found on our property. An anonymous source, interviewed gives the same laundry list.

    FACT: Again, all were items found on the Huntington property.

    TONY HUNTINGTON--The Missing Link

    Conspicuously absent from the report is any mention of Tony Huntington, on whose mother's property all of the "evidence" used in KATU's report was found. Huntington and Bateman (Bateman rented a room in an out-building on the property) had been friends since childhood and lived on Huntington's mother's property. For five months after the Feds raided his place, Huntington lived with the knowledge that the illegal arsenal and 50 plant pot grow (complete with power diversion) would net him an approximately 120 year sentence.

    Thus, five months after authorities raided his house, Huntington decided to finger Fritz for the Damascus Key Bank robbery in 1997 in exchange for leniency. Although KATU's report on Fritz mentions Bateman as one of the Key Bank robbers, missing is the fact that as prosecution's principal witness against Fritz--Huntington perjured himself on the stand by admitting to having taken an active role in the robbery on the day of the robbery. Huntington received a paltry 3 ½ years for his testimony against Fritz.

    Another of Huntington's lies which was not revealed in the courtroom, but was contained within the discovery paperwork for the case, is that Fritz used the robbery funds to finance a trip to Japan to promote his "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" book. When Reverend Izumi Koishi heard of this allegation he made two unsuccessful attempts to fly to Portland from Japan at his own expense, in order to appear in court to refute Huntington's assertion with cold, hard evidence. Sadly, the trial date kept moving around, so that Reverend Koishi lost money on two sets of non-refundable flight tickets. Fritz' former attorneys kept waffling on the decision of whether to let Koishi testify. However, before the third attempt was made by Koishi to appear, Fritz' attorneys decided not to let Koishi testify.

    After the guilty verdict was handed down, Reverend Koishi then flew in to offer support. He also brought the evidence that he would have shown in court--a receipt for a Citibank draft in the amount of $2,000 USD made out to Fritz so that he could give a talk about "Bloodlines of the Illuminati", which consequently got published in Japanese. Fritz' Japanese supporter's paid full perdiem on Fritz' visit. Not only did Fritz not have to spend one penny of his own from the moment he boarded the plane to go over there, he received a $2,000 fee for speaking.

    "Springmeier, a white separatist known for his anti-government writings..."

    FACT: Fritz has never been a white separatist and, in fact, has a "rainbow coalition" of friends and supporters. His writings can be characterised as exposing the illuminati and anti-corrupt government.

    "ultra right wing extremist Fritz Springmeier."

    FACT: Fritz is neither left wing or right wing. "Ultra right wing extremist", "white separatist", these are smear labels used by lazy journalists.

    From Video-"Fritz Springmeier considered himself a member of a loose-knit group known as the Army of God. Experts on US hate groups say the Army of God is a loose-knit group with no formal membership rolls."

    FACT: First of all, notice that the above statement contains built in deniability--"loose-knit group" and "no formal membership rolls". These two qualifiers mean that they have absolutely no proof that Fritz belongs to the Army of God. Moreover, Fritz has never considered himself a member of the Army of God and every longterm friend of Fritz' that I have asked about this, not only denied it, but laughed at the thought of it.

    In summation, the entire piece was done to smear Fritz and to ruin his chances for a fair retrial. Finally, while KATU is correct in stating that Fritz has been critical of mainstream media, he would never plot to bomb their studio. The mainstream media should look to themselves as the possible source of their own destruction.

    Fritz and I will continue to seek justice and to vindicate his innocence. We look forward to the appeals.

    The following is the editor's note:
    Eric Mason KATU
    Eric Mason KATU

    John A Stevens is an independent news reporter. He only earns money by getting his reports published. His research on Fritz Springmeier is sixth-grade level and his writing is the same level of logic. In my opinion he fabricated the alleged letter that he received from Fritz Springmeier. If he actually received such a letter he would have published a photocopy of it on his personal website. No such letter was entered into evidence at the trial. See http:// . He fails to state that the items in the photos on his website were not found at Fritz Springmeier's home. His report is filled with unsupported innuendos. The most recent investigative report listed on his website is November 2003 as of November 2005 -- two years old.

    John A Stevens lists the following phone number, mailing address and email address on his website: (503)256-1656 Po Box 16703, Portland, OR 97292 [email protected] (A photo of John A Stevens could not be found on the internet.)

    Fritz Springmeier Update - August 13, 2003 Hi Everyone,

    There are two late breaking events regarding Fritz. One is good news and the other is not so good news. So I'll give the good news first. The Feds have approved of funds for an investigator pre-sentencing, which is fantastic. This means that they see some merit in Fritz' new attorney fighting for a retrial before sentencing, or they would have refused the funds. This new attorney has his trip together. Within two weeks of receiving the 318 page transcript and 650 pages of discovery, he had everything scanned and burned onto a CD. He interviewed Fritz for four hours and once he got the investigator, the investigator interviewed him for three hours. It is such a relief to have someone who cares! We are hoping that it is uphill from here so please keep us in your prayers—they are obviously helping.

    Well, now for the bad news. One of the inmates assaulted Fritz last Wednesday, so they both got thrown into solitary confinement. Fritz tells me that he took a beating, but that he's OK. It's heartbreaking to be in a situation where you can't protect or comfort your loved one. The last I spoke to him was Wednesday and heard nothing until yesterday (Tuesday) when I got a letter from him. When he didn't call on Monday, I knew something was wrong. I've included an excerpt from his letter detailing the event in this update. If you've been thinking of writing to him lately, now would be the perfect time. Below is the contact info. for Fritz. You can send him letters and postcards only. If you want to put money on his books for stamps, batteries for his radio or other commisary items, it must be a postal money order made out to him with his Federal ID number. If you wish to send books, they must be purchased and sent from the retailer. Magazines can be sent by subscription only. Just know that they read every letter that comes in, therefore, it may take several extra days to get to him because of the processing. Here is his address:
    Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
    FDC Sheridan
    P.O. Box 6000
    Sheridan, OR 97378
    The number following his name is his federal ID number. He would love to hear from all of you.


    September 11, 2003

    Just a quick note to tell you all two pieces of good news regarding Fritz' legal situation. First--Fritz is now out of solitary confinement and is back with the general population. Address any mail you wish to send to him to the original Sheridan address:
    Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
    FDC Sheridan
    P.O. Box 6000
    Sheridan, OR 97378
    The second piece of good news is that his attorney has gotten the sentencing postponed to November 13, 2003, in order to give more time for investigation. Your letters and support meant so much to both of us and really made all the difference in getting Fritz through a tough time. Many thank-you's from the bottom of our hearts!


    Springmeier Update - July 26, 2005, We Need Your Help!

    Dear Friends,

    Last month Fritz and I were able to have a visit for the first time in a year-and-a-half. I flew from Denver to Phoenix and stayed for a weekend and so was able to visit with him on a Saturday and Sunday. We were pleasantly surprised to have gotten a full six hours of visiting in each day! When Fritz was housed in Oregon, we were usually limited to two-hour visits to accommodate the small visiting room. You can’t imagine the excitement and relief we felt when we finally saw each other in person because, at first, it looked like the Feds were not going to let me visit.

    You see my trip for a short time was postponed because, in order to harass Fritz, the prison staff had pulled my approval at the last minute. After lots of prayer, calls to my senator and protests by Fritz, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) restored my visiting privileges. The final hurdle to clear was to pass the GE Iontrack Itemiser test, which tests for 30 different substances. They put a fresh filter in a wand and pass it over your body and drivers license. Fritz warned me that certain things might give false positives, such as perfumes and lotions. BOP policy is that if a visitor fails the test the first time, they must wait 48 hours before attempting to visit again—in other words a wasted visit from out of state. It seemed so cruel. What a helpless feeling it was to consider that I had no control over what substances prior customers may have had in my rental car, hotel room, or even, who handled the bills in my purse before they became my money (the very bills I was to use to get coins in the prison lobby to use in their vending machines!). Fortunately, they had a restroom where I could wash my hands after handling the money and before being tested. For more information on the Iontrack Itemiser go here to read GE’s product information. Unfortunately, I see more of these in our future. Thankfully, I cleared the Itemiser test and Fritz and I went ahead with what became a great trip.

    [Permission granted.]

    As you can see, Fritz looks great and is doing great. We lost complete track of the time and never ran out of things to talk about. They have a photographer on the weekends, so we had our picture taken. He does a lot of legal work and teaching to help other inmates. He teaches a course on the Civil War, for which the inmates get history credit, as well as math and other subjects. He extends his greetings to all of you, and thanks each one of you for your overwhelming support. He really enjoys all of the letters he gets.

    After the visit, I understand much better Fritz’s legal battles, but even I can’t be told everything to insure the legal process to free him goes smoothly. He is currently on his final appeal. While the specifics can’t be disclosed, your donations of love have allowed him to retain an accomplished attorney, J.M. Irigoyen of J.M. Irigoyen Law Corporation of Fresno, California. Mr. Irigoyen is helping Fritz out because of who he is. We expect terrific things to be happening this year, but we’re short $5,000 for the final installment which is due by September 7, 2005. In order to proceed with Fritz’ appeals,we urgently need help with Fritz’ legal fees. This is his last chance to overturn this incredibly unfair conviction. If he fails to make this appeal, he will spend the next 5-7 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

    If you can help, please make all checks payable to:

    J.M. Irigoyen Law Corporation

    Then send them to me at the following address:

    Patricia Springmeier
    700 N. Colorado Blvd., #126
    Denver, CO 80206

    I will keep track of funds coming in and as I forward them to Mr. Irigoyen, will keep you posted as to how much has come in and will return any checks that come in after our goal has been reached.

    If you’d like to write to Fritz:

    Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
    Federal Correctional Institute
    37910 N. 45TH Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85086

    Please continue to pray for us. Without God’s help we can do nothing. Be of good cheer. When we can say more, we will.

    Gratefully yours,

    Patty Springmeier

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    Rig Boy

    The Book of Relevance here is twofold. Bloodlines of the Illuminati, which, to my knowledge, is not available in its entirety online, but can be ordered at and The section on the Russells is huge in the actual book. Internet versions are brief and short, and missing much information.
    The other prominent book is "the Watchtower and the Masons," which unfortunately has gone out of print. There is one more "Be Wise As Serpents," which also documents the Watchtower and its occultic associations in depth.

    Ambassador House

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    Bloodlines of the Illuminati

    by Fritz Springmeier

    You've seen the signs, but still you wonder...

    Bloodlines of the Illuminati is a unique book, rich in detail, providing a devastating exposé of the people and families who are THE movers and shakers of the United States and the entire world. You will recognize some of their names instantly. Many names have been purposely hidden from mainstream view.

    From international finance to war, president and dictators alike pay heed to these people. "Influence" doesn’t even come close to describing their power. They have plans for you. Who are they?

    Author, Fritz Springmeier provides a wealth of material and inside information based on eyewitnesses. His outstanding research provides facts that are not available elsewhere. When you finish reading this book, pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and you’ll see the big picture. You will know who actually runs the New World Order conspiracy, and who is in the Illuminati.

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    Nathan Natas

    ...The Illuminati was a secret society established in Germany in 1776 with the aim of establishing Stan's rule on earth...

    Ah yes, the cosmic drama - the battle between Hank and Stan for universal sovreignty.

    Won't you come kiss Hank's ass with us?

  • jstalin

    There is considerable indication that 12 out of these 13 families are actually the 12 lost tribes of Israel

    I love it... written just like Watchtower literature... "apparently," "it seems," and this article's, "considerable indication." LOL

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    Double Edge

    Are you serious.... oh pleeeeeeze:


    Roth oversaw Disney’s subsidiary Hollywood Pictures’ Evita film. Evita has as its main start "Material Girl" Madonna.

    Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous underground porn/& ritual porn movies. (This author has an underground catalog from a porn business, that has recently changed its location of business. The catalog offered a film of Madonna performing an actual blood sacrifice.) She also was the main actress in Disney’s Dick Tracy film which is reported to be used for mind-control. During an Arsenio Hall show, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked up by the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring. Disney controls the products that are associated with the movies of their subsidiaries. In Evita’s case they are marketing hats and other items, as just one more of Disney’s countless artificially generated consumerism campaigns. In Ruth Stein’s interview of Madonna, Madonna appeared bored with plugging Disney’s consumer products. When asked about the tango dresses and hats inspired by Evita that popped up in stores after the film, Madonna said, "Believe me, I have nothing to do with it. Disney is pushing the whole thing." (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/29/96, Datebook section). In Walt Disney stated that it plans to release an album by DANZIG, a heavy metal band whose songs contain "dark themes". The Disney press release announces on its by-line "Mickey Mouse is going heavy metal."

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    I don't know who's more pathetic you or the other fellow going on about the aliens. It's good for a laugh or two, will give you that.

  • LDH

    You don't say! Rich families intermarrying to control the wealth!

    GASP! That would be a real stunner!

    You know, there may be *some* truth to what even a crack pot says. But we are all "Once burned twice learned." This type of thing really triggers the Bullshit-o-meter.


    Anti-Climax Class

  • LDH


    I, too, saw that it was Stan who was trying to control the earth, however even *I* felt it would be too juvenile to laugh at! Just Kidding.

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