Crazy Californian Witnesses...

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  • RevFrank

    I heard they were doing that at Bethel. Even thogh I'm in Nebraska now, I spent the last 35+ years in southern California

  • Chimene

    It's happening in SC to, smoking, drinking cursing elders. Elders wifes stealing other sisters husbands, the list goes on

  • Dune

    I remember an elder once telling me how in the US. The problems with the brothers are that they are too materialistic, but in Europe immorality is the major problem.

  • Highlander

    I prefer the immorality.

  • Think

    Yeaaah ! The sisters looonngiinn for other maried brothers...

    I personally know some stories.. My Best examle Sister get involved with married brother... she get pregnant...

    They keep this secret for long time...

    I visited this brother by accident, in time when he was in juidicial meeting in his own home !!! My heart was broken... again,,,,

  • rebel8

    In my day (the '80s, ha ha), it was Ohio I think, that was said to be the hotbed of apostacy where there were apostafests with wife swapping, orgies, Oiuja, drugs, and nudist colonies. At the time I was a little too young/naive to decide for myself--I wasn't sure if it was true or another urban legend like the Smurfs.

  • Think

    If California is so good, what I am doing here ???

    Lets Party ! Miller Time ! +

    Time to go to California !! Ahhh the lovely sisters there..

  • loosie

    Ok since nobody else will do it, I will have to defend the CA Wits.

    I don't think we were any more wild then any other state. No nude orgies. Maybe some fun parties.

    I used get counselled for riding to a party with a member of the opposite sex. Not counselled for the party but counselled for the ride in a car alone.

    The wildest thing I ever saw was some shots being thrown back at a gathering. (yes we called them gatherings. Parties sounded worldly.)

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