Crazy Californian Witnesses...

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  • metatron

    The best disfellowshipping stories usually came from California, when I was in Bethel. Guys from there could always win at

    "can you top this?". Knorr was said to hate young guys from California. They frequently committed Californication and had to

    be sent home.


  • bythesea

    I have family in CA who we always considered to be "wilder" than the JWs in the state where I live...they went to concerts and had pool parties with alcohol....and we heard of a JW that played piano in a bar for his living...such things were not permitted where I was associated!! Also, when a family from LA moved into our KH they were considered very "out there" in their style of dress(not just the teenagers, but the mom also!). The opinion was "well, they are from CA, after all!!" I was glad to see that they felt they could express themselves in their styles and still be "theocratic"...the main ones who complained were the ultra-conservative older sisters who frowned at everything anyway!

  • rimbaudbunuel

    I grew up in Santa Monica, CA - and went to Santa Monica Congregation, there were congregations called party halls. I had friends in the Valley who all got df'd at around 16/17 for orgy like stuff. I think this may have to do with being surrounded by a very liberal and sexually free atmosphere. But everyone still got disfellowshiped including myself for sex. So I don't think I've ever heard of it being allowed - it's still considered wrong to do down here. Jonathan

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    my sister had a friend that had moved to CA from memphis, and she said that her husband had went to a Gettogether with some other brothers which included elders. apparently everyone was cussing and drinking and smoking cigars.

    after the friend had lived there for a few years, my sister considered her bad association.

    luv, jojo

  • jojochan

    I was'nt THAT bad. Was I?

    No; real talk folks, I just recalled from my past that we just loved to party all the time. And in my 20's held private raves once a month. Ya; they were wild. Then that sunday I was half dead from the binge drinking. But now looking at my little brother now in his 20's I see the same thing they're still strict as they wanna be but when he ventured into New York he saw a difference the only grip he has is that when he went to New York, no love was given to him and his boys. Even the "sistas" did'nt hang with him. Hey I told him to not tell them where he's from, they don't care. I guess they're still sore that L.A took the dogers from Brooklyn, I joked.

    He was'nt laughing.To this day he hates New York,personally I loved it.


  • Tuesday
    I remember in our congregation in CT we had a brother that had a beard and they let him keep it for awhile because he was from Maine and it was acceptable up there. I always laughed at the beard thing because almost every picture in their publications showing ancient times depicts men with beards. WWJD?

    From what I remember that was Doc Bob. He's actually got something online telling the whole story. The CO wanted to have him reproved for having a beard, but all the elders took his side and defied the CO because in Maine every fisherman has a beard in the winter. It's a pretty neat story if you hear him tell it.

  • Mary

    Ya, those Dubs in Cal-i-fornee-ay.........all they think about is sex, alcohol and pioneering.

    Here's the cutest craziest one of all:

  • onesong

    A friend of mine returned from CA telling stories of wild Witness parties. I think he forgot about the time he almost drank himself to death here.

    Docbob's got a great website:

  • stillAwitness

    I agree with Florida. Growing up in West Palm was way different then the congregations I have visited here.

    Nobody feels guilty about driving a Benz, there's always a "large Chrisitan gathering" too attend to in some swanky rich couple's home and I used to make a fortune babysitting all the witness kids (parents were busy working of course and hiring a nanny was kinda looked down upon.)

  • freedom96

    I grew up in northern California, and we used to hear things about the southern California witnesses. Then again, we heard about the congregations across town that were so bad. So many assumptions, so many of them wrong.

    I do feel though, that each individual congregation could have its own personality, but to say complete regions were a certain way, I don't buy into that.

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