Bizarre Comment from Platform about Blue Crystals and Elijah's Fire

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  • Severus

    Comment heard from the Watchtower conductor from the platform today regarding Elijah versus Baal showdown at Mount Carmel:

    The conductor states that he used to have a 1948 magazine (Watchtower ofrAwake! is unknown) that quoted a scientist that had discovered "blue crystals" on Mount Carmel. The scientist had only found these crystals in one other location on Earth -- the Nevada testing grounds for atomic bombs.

    The assumption was that Jehovah had used a sort of atomic fire to consume Elijah's sacrifice.

    Can anyone validate this WTS article or reference the blue crystal quack?

  • Abaddon

    Actually, I do recall something about 'atomic fire' being muttered in reverential terms... it may have been the JWurban myth of the day...

  • HappyDad

    I heard that same story a few times in my 30+ years as a JW. Unfortunately I never knew the source. If it was a scientist who found these blue crystals, there must be a record of it somewhere.

    Now my curiosity is peaked! When I get home today, I'll give the internet a workout to see if there is any info there.


  • Sunspot
    The assumption was that Jehovah had used a sort of atomic fire to consume Elijah's sacrifice

    I can't say as I recall anything regarding "blue crystals", but I have heard references made to a supernatural-type annihilation when it comes to Armageddon. The idea that rather than leaving messy rubble, things would be "zapped" into oblivion just like in a Sci-Fi movie and the "disagreeable things" would have their molecular structure changed forever. I'd have to guess that I heard this in a talk or from the "platform" well over 25 years ago now, but yes, I DO remember this.


  • slugga

    The was something posted here recently about these blue (green) crystals. They are found all over nuclear bomb testing sites as well as other parts of the world. Scientists think that the pieces found away from the test sites were caused by meteor or lightning strikes.

  • metatron

    I think it was in a very old Awake, I vaguely recall it. They found small pieces of stuff similar to the sort of green glass at the Trinity



  • Invetigator74

    Hi Severus and board : )

    That information can be obtained in the Dec.22, 1948 Awake magazine on page 19, listed under a brief article titled " Atomic Energy on Mount Carmel".Here is a scan of the article.

  • sir82

    huh, I heard from a CO, I think, many years ago, that the blue crystals were only found at the south end of the Dead Sea, i.e., where Sodom & Gomorrah would have been.

  • Saoirse

    The scan isn't showing up. I think you may need to host it somewhere.

    I heard something similar regarding a potential site of Sodom and Gomorrah. I didn't hear about the blue crystals but I did hear something mentioned about radioactive material of an unknown origin being found. I wish I could remember the source. I know it was a secular source, either a Discovery or History channel program or an archeology book.

  • Invetigator74

    Trying again

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