WHY I Keep Kicking when down....

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  • carla

    Just lovely.

  • prophecor
    Kind of scary huh?

    Scarier still is the fact that I couldn't hear you're daughter as she was speaking, but all I could hear was you. Eventhough I read it from the beginning as a letter from your daughter, when it was over, I was just assuming I was hearing your voice, and not hers.

  • prophesariah

    And where does pure love come from? Who is in control of all things? Who gave her to you? Do you not think He did not know what you would need and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance made a provision for you.

    I can remember way back in my early depressive periods, the one who could make me smile was my precious young son. Believe me God knows exactly what we need. He may not come when we want or the way we expect. However, He is always on time and His provision is usually far above what we could/would ever ask for or think.

    God is love and the unselfish expression of it is a reflection of His spirit, His character, & His nature.

    You are truly rich & blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sass_my_frass

    What an amazing little princess! You go give her another hug and tell her so.

  • reneeisorym
    I wanted her to be independent and when she is as loud as I taught her to be, well sometimes it is hard to take. You know we can't really "Put that thing back where it came from." lol

    I know that's how my mom feels about me too. Your relationship with your daughter reminds me of mine with my mom. I am 23 and not 14, but it still sounds so familiar. She finds my independence hard to take too. Because I became an apostate and she thought she was raising a Bethelite, she feels like she did a terrible job raising me I know. Your daughter probably feels like I do that I am very very grateful for the way my mom raised me to be independent and honest to a fault. A lot of my family blame my parents for who I have become in a negative way. I hate it so much that they do that.

    I am so thankful to my parents for making me who I am. I hope that might give you a glimpse into the future. I think one day she will be very thankful to you for giving her confidence but I hope you don't think that you messed up. I think she will be a very happy young lady in the days to come no matter what problems come up. She will probably be happy inside no matter how terrible things on the outside may be. Congrats on raising such a confident, independent young lady.

  • lonelysheep

    What beautiful words!!

  • Sparkplug

    Thanks to you all. I appreciate the thoughts. I printed this out and took it with me to work today.

    I had a ton of good things happen to me today in spite of myself and my sour disposition.

  • Chimene

    You go girl!

  • Billygoat


    Holy crap Decki. I'm crying as I write this, because I CAN hear her voice as she says this to you. With little fuzzy blonde hairs poking out and those beautiful eyes full of concern, love, and even frustration. You have raised a WONDERFUL daughter...not inspite of yourself...but because you have put to work the gifts that God has given you. She is one sage little girl...living up to her name and spirit!

    Love you tons and I'm SO PROUD of you both!


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