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  • yaddayadda

    I've never met a JW that didn't bend the rules a bit here and there, or who didn't have one or two doubts about something taught by the Society.

  • sass_my_frass

    None of them, because none of us are perfect, but some of us are caught (or dob ourselves in, dammit!).

  • DaveNwisconsin

    One of the JW's at work will put up the Christmas decorations! When he is assigned that job he could say no but does it because its an easy job. He also works the Saturday after the holiday for time and a half. He is someone who can marry other JW's and it makes me sick that there religion is when its ok for them, but they still shove it down your throat whenever they can!

  • Chimene

    Oh my goodness, could I tell you some things..... I could write a book. I'm in the middle of divorcing a "so called" JW. He is one of the meanest people I have ever known. Married for almost 9 years, it has totally ruined my life. And about 80% of the members of the hall we attended are all hypocrites. I was never baptized, so when I asked for help, they wouldn't give it to me. Now that I left him, I am being treated like I was baptised, but disfellowshipped. Whatever!!!!!! This jerk comes to pick up my daughter last weekend, in his suite, just finished going out in service, and starts bare faced lying to me, for the millionth time. And he was out preaching the bible, whatever!!!!!! Out of approximately 200 JW's I personally know, 2 of them are real. The rest? Like I said, I could write a book!

  • Chimene

    Amen to that!

  • Effervescent

    Welcome to the board Chimene! I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences, but I hope to see more of you- it sounds like you came to the right place to find people who totally understand!

  • jojochan

    And that added to my frustration. Seeing them talking out the side of their neck on the platform, then outside some will backstab, lie and cheat. I knew of plent that took my dad's kindness for a weakness, too many times, but he could'nt sue due to them being brothers in the faith. I wish one day he could realize what B.S it is.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It's amazing that when you really take a look at those attending the meetins you realize that many of these people really arn't following what they are being told. Most are simply attending and keeping up the the "basics" simply out of fear and obligation. I've known people who are really dedicated, but they are few.
    Most people don't even realize what all of the teachings really are, even current ones.
    Most people I have know that go to the hall fall into what I call the "middle" catagory. People who arn't really Bad, but don't really do anything that is GREAT either. They are simply people, like everybody else, following the path of their physical existance.

  • diamondblue1974

    I was kind of friends with the PO's son some time back and the PO was a Mechanic with his own business; he asked his son to dispose of some oil in residential refuse tip to avoid paying a surcharge for dumping waste. His son nearly got caught and wouldve been prosecuted had he been.

    All to save a few lousy ££; in my view that was shocking behaviour for the Mr , the sun shines out of my arse and I am so super spiritual
    presiding overseer.

    Its only now I think about this and think what a hypocrite!


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