Watchtower exposed - video

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  • jst2laws

    I think it is a good tool. A lot of people will have doubts but are reluctant to dive into a book. They can learn a lot from a 58 minute video.


  • HappyDad

    My local Christian TV station has run this video many times over the years. First time I saw it was when I was still a dub. It planted even more seeds of doubt to those that were already sprouted in me.

    Great information!


  • Sparkplug
    seems to be selling their own Jesus product once again in a bright and shiny new and improved packaging

    I noticed that also, but I did see a lot that I did not know. It really was a reality check as to far how I have come. All the things I remember saying with total conviction. Of course I did not know about the stinkin home bought to let all the resurrected apostles (something like that) live in. Yet they always raved about the TV evangelist taking peoples money and living high of the hog.....I can see why it was kept hidden.

    Other things I saw that took me back 30 years and it really has kind of freaked me out. It was strange watching it and seeing traits in me that I did not realize for so long. I have noticed them now and identified them, thus making it easier to get rid of all the little tracers. Things like constant guilt, and for the longest time I have forgotten that for most of my youth, my family would say that I would never make it to 6th grade, then it was middle school, then it was high school. Then it was...don't have children. Just get a job that will sustain you. Submission and obeying the husband. His word was last if anything came up.

    Then all the little things they tell you so that you won't listen to anything anyone has to say. Or the fact that psycologist and therapist were greatly discouraged. I remember being told it was not good to go to the school counselor because they would try to help in ways that did not have Jehovahs Kingdom as the first goal. That they would tell me we, JW's were twisted and wrong. This could weaken me spiritually.

    Even small things, such as the clip flashed a couple of the old one or two color Watchtowers. I remember sitting and filling in each of the top bricks with little XXX's to pass time during meetings. It was very porous paper and if using a liquid pen, you really made a mess. Hours of fun filling in the center of theO's and d's, and tops of all the letters with a loop in them.

    Then I was thinking about the sound of the speaker through that mic at the convention and how many hours I sat and tried so hard to pay attention. Write each friggin scripture down and not squirm. Wake up from dosing to clap. Raise you hand and when called on say, "Jehovah!" Pretty much that covered everything. Just the sound of the speaker in that convention center REALLY creeped me out.

  • Kristofer

    WOW great video!

  • truth_about_the_truth

    Don't be shy about sending out this link to people that you know that may be sitting on the fence about the WTS. This may nudge them just enough to push them over the edge.

  • Rabbit

    For some reason only about 4 minutes would download. I have only dial up where I live now (dammit) Ieft it downloading all night @ 28.8

    Any suggestions ?

    Yep, the dress and seeing all those name tags on the 'great crowd' gave me chills...yeck.


  • KW13

    cool video that, i watched it lastnight and then forgot to comment.

    Thanks VERY much for this

  • sixsixsixtynine

    I forgot about this video. Checked it out from the library several years ago.

    I love the helicopter shots, and ominous music in the opening sequence.

  • Legolas

    Ha Ha that was a keeper!

  • Woodsman

    I thought the video was very informative. I loved how they predicted the failure of the generation prophecy 7 years before the WTS admitted it was false. Apostates are all liars huh?

    Now send me 5 bucks since you read my comments. Sorry Dave, just kidding.

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