My Dad's story

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  • Comatose

    Thank you. I want to be this kind of dad.

  • coffee_black

    Thanks, everyone.

    With my grandson having just interviewed with Harvard.... I know he would be sooooo proud!


  • wasblind

    Coffee_Black, Thank you for sharin'

  • jgnat

    A great dad. His story so deserved to be told.

  • lovelylil

    Glad you have such wonderful memories of your dad. He looks like he was so precious. Thanks for sharing!

  • clarity

    Coffee ... now you got me tearing up....a lot.

    What a wonderful human being ... it sounds like

    the apple didn't fall far from the tree


  • coffee_black

    I remember one time at an assembly, a sister from our cong. (wife of a committee member...before there were "elders") came up to me and criticized my hair, saying that I looked worldly. I was about 17 at the time. I was wearing it up. She upset me, so I went to my dad. He marched right up to her with me...and told her that she was not a spiritual policewoman, and that going forward, if she had anything to say about me, she was to go to him. Then he told her.... I think she looks beautiful...there is nothing worldly about the way she looks.

    When I was in college, the CO demanded that my dad step down from his position. My dad said no. He asked the CO to show him a scripture that forbade education. Of course, the CO couldn't. My dad went on to say that Jesus himself was 30 years old when he began his ministry. Up until that time, as was the custom, he was learning his trade. He then daughter is 17 years old. I think that if the son of God continued his education unitil he was 30, then my daughter has plenty of time to complete her education. The CO dropped it. Dad kept his position.

    He always had my back.


  • Bella15

    Ahhh Debbie what a such tribute to your daddy! He lives!

  • whathappened

    Thanks for bumping this up. What a great dad! What a great story!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Great story and Father, Coffee_Black.

    Just Lois

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