My Dad's story

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  • Nellie

    I got misty reading your post! One day I'll write about my Dad - I lost him a year ago . . .

  • Outaservice

    Nice story Deb. Well, let's see, You and my wife were born in the same year (52) and you both love art. And her name is the same as yours. Your aunt was Vera and my mother was Vera. I was connected to the glazing business for many years and now you are. I like my coffee black and I suppose you do too?


    Next summer in Chicago?

  • coffee_black

    Hi Outaservice,

    Yep... I like my coffee black too...hence my name. I'll see you in Chicago this year! I have missed the last couple...but I'm planning on it this year. Give my love to the other Debbie...hope she'll be there too.


  • wombat

    Debbie - I am going to read your powerful, happy, sad story to my 88 y.o. Mum in the morning.

    One day her jw children, grand children and great grand children who now totally ignore her will certainly regret it.

    Your father was a great man.

    It is very easy to criticize the WTS in hind-sight. I'm sure it made perfect sense to him at the time (as it did to me in the early "60s).

    He certainly loved his little girl. For sure he passed on this legacy of being able to give love to you. So he left this world a better place.

  • coffee_black

    Hi Wombat,

    Let me know how it goes... glad you enjoyed it.


  • Apostanator

    Hey Coffee,

    I remember your dad. He always carried himself in a way that commanded respect. As a young kid in the congregation, I could see that the other elders had a healthy fear for him. He was a very smart man and you had better known what you were talking about before you spoke to him about any biblical counsel or mis-counsel. I really didn't get to know him that well. I was just a kid doing my thing but there was one Tuesday night when me and my family walked to the hall for the book study, when we got there, there was nobody around except your dad. He told us that he was having the book study at his home and then gave us a ride there. Our book study was conducted outside in the backyard and later we had goodies. Your mom was very hospitable. I remember one time in the kingdom hall parking lot she pulled us kids aside and brought us to the back of her car and then opened up the trunk........Man....we couldn't count all the chocolate chip cookies she had in there. She was awesome. I have good memories of your parents. They were good people. You have a lot of the same qualities they had.


  • coffee_black

    Bumping.....missing my dad more than usual today. Thought I'd share his story again since many here weren't around when I first posted it so long ago.


  • perfect1

    Thanks Coffee!

    You are really lucky to have such a father.

  • ndmom73

    Thank you for bumping this up, I really enjoyed reading about your dad. What an amazing man. I am touched by his strong dedication to your education, what an amazing gift. Although it is hard to look back and feel as if we let our parents down by our youthful decisions, I am sure he would be the first to understand why you made your choices. His love is always with you and your love for him could be felt in every word I read. Thanks again for sharing. :)

  • WishingLiz

    How beautiful. Thanks for sharing Debbie. In many ways I admired my dad as well, because he seemed to really think about things. But your father was amazing. So wonderful that he stood by you and knew what family is. Wow, so nice.

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