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  • Tuesday

    AlmostAtheist wrote:

    Lilly, your father could associate with you and not tell anybody. It's not at all uncommon for JW's to visit churches for weddings and what not, the only counsel they receive is to not tell anybody. (Yes, I'm serious. The elders will tell you to go, just keep it quiet.)

    That's probably the best bet, I remember that for the most part anything in a grey area you could do just don't tell anyone. I was told to just go to any concert I wanted just make sure not to make it known that I was that way I couldn't be counselled on it, basically they knew it would stir up a can of worms otherwise. From what I remember Witnesses could talk to their disfellowshipped and disassociated family members they just couldn't talk about JW stuff.

  • lisaBObeesa


    I am so sorry you and your father are going through this. Reading that letter really filled me with so much anger! It is disgusting and EVIL.

    I think this letter is very important and should be scanned and put on the web ASAP.

    The witnesses always say, "Oh, speaking to DF family a matter of conscience...blah blah blah." and "The Org does not break up families...." This letter shows these comments for what they are: LIES. All Lies. There is no choice in the matter if you want to stay a JW in good standing. The letter also shows how JWs have to THINK like the GB. (ie: "Congratulations on your brain washing! attitude!")

    Potential converts NEED to see this letter.


  • figureitout

    Not a whole lot to add, but my heart truly goes out to you. It also aches for your dad, it really does. It is obvious he loves you and he is trying to find any type of valitation not to shun you and still be in Jehovahs favor. I can not imagine his internal turmoil at this point. That reply really is an eye opener, telling people not to follow their emotions. Well holy shi* isn't their god who gave us a conscience emotions so we can act on it. If something is telling you this is wrong to do it most likely is.

    Not to sound like a needle di** here but I truly hope this all works out for you and I hope your dad finds peace with whatever decision he makes... poor guy!!!

  • Lilycurly

    I would gladly scan it, but it's in French...might not be of much use.

    Yes, it really pains me to know that my father is in so much turmoil, but it also angers me that he would do anything they say. Is his love for me not stronger then that? One of the reasons I wrote my DA letter was to make him realise that the society isn't all that great. Of course, when everything is perfect in your JW life, you don't see the problems, but when something like that happens, it might push someone to think things up a bit more....

    I was trying to think up some of Jesus's citations and actions that would show that the WT's spiritual guilt-trip is wrong. Surely JWs would be more inclined to listen to what Jesus said then what that other apostle had to say?

  • AlmostAtheist
    I was trying to think up some of Jesus's citations and actions that would show that the WT's spiritual guilt-trip is wrong. Surely JWs would be more inclined to listen to what Jesus said then what that other apostle had to say?

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of JW's couldn't give a flying fig what Jesus, the Bible, or god himself says. The only voice they listen to is the Watchtower. Jesus gave the parable of the prodigal son. You couldn't come up with a parable more diametrically opposed to their DF/reinstatement policy, yet it doesn't faze them a bit.


  • Effervescent
    We hope that the previous information will help you to see your question in the light of the holy scriptures.

    Thats funny... the only scripture quoted didn't apply to you! The rest was purly rhetoric on how to guilt trip you... none of it's found in the bible!

  • ChristianObserver

    This jumped out at me - I don't know if you can use their own words in the letter against them

    "You asked if the expression "does not live under the same roof" means something other then "not part of close family circle". Or is it only synonymous?

    The two expressions are not synonymous. A person that is part of close family circle does not have to live under the family roof. "


    "Like you said, your desire is to "be sincerely faithful in every way to Jehovah and his organization" "

    I would point out that

    JEHOVAH is not synonymous with ORGANIZATION

    and a person who belongs to the organization MAY NOT be worshipping Jehovah (by not following Christ's example) and may be 'bad association'.

  • Stealth

    The "flock" elders manual states that they should keep away from messing with anyone who associates with a DF or DA family member.

    I would show that to your father and then he can just keep it on the D/L.

    I know of one elder who was messing with a publisher who was going away to visit his DF (for many years) daughter and grandchildren on vacation, once he showed the elder the info in the flock book he backed his ass up and never messed with him again.

  • Lilycurly

    Yes, good points...but that's exactly why he is confused. He was happy to read the start, where it said that they were not the same situations...but then as the letter progresses it goes on and on about how faithful you must be, and make the right thing, and that I would be pushed to come back. (Wich kinds of imply that the shunning should happen.)

    My father is really big on Jesus's teachings, so I think it might work if I found something really good.

  • Mary
    The strange thing is, my dad is still confused.......he is still pretty sure that he can talk to me...opinions?

    I'd show him from the bible that Jesus never shunned anyone, but the Pharisees certainly did. By shunning those who may not believe exactly as we do, we're showing that we're no better than what the Pharisees were. Jesus’ teaching was that we should not only love those who love us, we should even “love your enemies” (Matt. 5:44). It’s not enough just to greet those who greet you. Jesus asked, And if you greet your brother only, what remarkable thing have you done? Even the people of the nations do this."

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