heard back from my dad - you won't believe it!

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  • freedomlover

    Hey all you great people - in case you read my letter I sent to my dad the other day you may be interested in his reply. (see topic history for letter to my dad)

    I am so happy and relieved. It's a great start to this long road I have ahead of me with my dad......

    thanks for reading and taking your time out to share this with me......

    My dear xxxxx

    Please do not ever feel afraid to say anything to me, even if you feel it may not sit well with me. My love and affection for you far exceed any decision you could ever make with regard to the truth. I am not the least bit nervous that you would ever deliberately try and mislead or misdirect anyone or anything. I completely understand your doubts. I have developed many of my own. I will not burden you with that right now. I would only ask that you take the time and share with me your reasons for doubts. I may not be able to assist but I am very open to any reasons why someone is feeling awkward toward the truth.

    xxxxx, you are not alone in your feelings.

    My only suggestion is to remain completely neutral to any queries about your spiritual condition. It is no ones business, especially if there is the slightest doubt they wouldn't understand. And believe me, even the most seemingly understandable one is far from it. Do not give anyone a reason for your decisions. Let them draw their own conclusions, for when they do they are usually wrong.

    You need to know that I care for you, ITIS and the kids very much and your present decisions will not change that. I have come to appreciate that people have a right to think for themselves and make their own decisions even if those decisions are different than the ones I would make or a body of elders would make.

    I will try my best to come and see you just as soon as I can.

    I love you xxxxx and I always will.


  • Ingenuous

    I can only torture myself with fantasies of getting the same response from my Dad.

    I'm so jealous and very happy for you, freedomlover!

  • geevee

    That is a great letter!! Hope that you get to talk to him and he respects you opinions, without trying to correct you.

  • myself

    The letter gave me chill bumps. He has even had some of his own doubts, interesting. If/when he is ready, he will tell you about them. Hope all goes as well as it seems!

  • misspeaches

    Fantastic response! I bet you would never have dreamed that it would be anything as great as that... I am so happy for you and ITIS and the kids. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

  • DavidChristopher

    Yeah me too...

    My dad had me arrested for talking about these things to my mom and little 16 year old brother. He told me to leave, but refused to tell me what I said wrong, or explain why he wanted me to leave. I asked how I was supposed to know so I didn't do it again next time. He told me to leave "or else" and started screaming at me, and called the cops. They arrested me for "criminal trespassing". the kicker is, my mom went to the meeting left me there, and asked me to talk to him while she was gone. So I obey my mom, question my dad, and go to jail.

    Is this a "free" country?

    I am glad you have a dad like that. I still love mine too.

  • z

    good 4 u I'm so happy


  • LDH


    You are very, very lucky and the object of jealousy right now the world over!

  • freedomlover

    thanks you guys......

    yup. I'm kind of floating right now. I can't believe he admitted he's had doubts recently. I have to play it cool and not get too excited. I also have to be careful with the amount of info. I give to him at each sitting. At least he won't shun me and my family. that's all I wanted really. He says he'll be cool with us not matter if we stay witnesses or not...

    WOW! WOW! WOW!

    he is really an amazing guy. can you see why he had to step down as an elder? he actually still has a heart!

  • MerryMagdalene

    WOW. That is so nice to read, FreedomLover!!! I have tears in my eyes. I hope all goes well as you continue to talk.



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