"Whilst the bible is important, the Watchtower is God's main way of communicating with people today"

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  • stillin
    I doubt that such a thing was in the outline. It was probably just a slip of the tongue. He spoke without thinking. We had one elder that would ask the reader to read the next "scripture" when he meant paragraph.
  • kairos

    There is a reason why not everyone that has a bible is a JW.

    JW doctrine, behavior, lifestyle, etc, is not supported in scripture...

  • Bobcat

    I have a merged PDF file of all the public talks from 1 to 178 and 188. I did a search for "watchtower" in the text of the file. The statement presented (or anything even close to it) I could not find.

    Perhaps the speaker was 'paraphrasing' an idea that he got from the outline, whilst saying he was quoting it.


  • EdenOne

    Unless we see hard evidence in print, it's dangerous to think of it as anything more than a speaker trying to impress his audience by stating something "shocking" out of his own head. We all know the WTS grooms its most fanatical followers to think that way, but would they be so stupid to actually lay it down in writing like that ...?


  • millie210


    Would you be able to get the name of the talk from the information board? I can try to find an outline if you can give the name of the outline.



    I`m really curious..

    How come most of you don`t know about this??!!

    "Whilst the bible is important, the Watchtower is God's main way of communicating with people today"

    You`ve listened to it multiple times from the Kingdom Hall Stage..

    It`s been drilled into JWs for Generations..

    Now you`ve all got amnesia?!..LOL!!..

    I swear.. This is as bad as "1975 JW Amnesia"..

    The difference is,this is a "Very Old" but "Current WBT$ Doctrine"..

    You`ve all heard it before..Many,many times..

  • millie210

    Howdy Outlaw!

    I know ive heard lots of stupidity drip down off the platform and you are right.

    But I hadnt seen it in print anywhere...is that just me?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ millie210: "But I hadnt seen it in print anywhere...is that just me?"


    Second paragraph under "For busy people".

  • millie210

    Im sorry Village, I did see that you posted on page 1 that this was not a new statement.

    It IS pretty impressive to see that scan you just posted though.

    Thank you for sharing that!

  • Atlantis

    According to the Watchtower Society reading the Bible is fine, but if you want "understanding" and "insight" about what you read in the Bible, you need the publications from the organization to do so.


    2013 Study Edition Watchtower, April 15, pages 8-9, par. 9



    9 While it is important that you daily read a portion of the Bible, you also want to gain understanding and insight. Therefore, make good use of the publications of Jehovah’s organization to research the background of people, places, and events you read about.


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