Anyone else have UC or Crohn's?

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  • slimboyfat

    I have been on the toilet for about four months now (with brief interludes involving the non-toilet world); and about three months ago the doctor put his finger, then an inflexible (I assure you) "flexi-scope" in my rear end only to discover that I have inflamatory bowel disease: either UC or Crohn's (tentatively UC). I am now on steroids, that worked for a while, but now having reduced them no longer seem to be helping. I have looked at other forums specifically for persons similarly afflicted, but it is hard to relate somehow. So I would be oh so happy were there someone here in apostate-land for me to have a shared experience with.

  • Champion

    I am not sure if this could help you, but there is a book called the "Makers Diet". The guy who wrote it had a severe case of Crohn's and discovered someone who professed that this diet would help. I would suggest you take a look at it. If you can't find it let me know.

  • slimboyfat


    I am trying various foods, but I am not hopeful since I have read that while the condition may be helped slightly by finding agreeable foods for each individual, no diet can provide a cure since the problems are caused by the diseased bowel itself, not by the particular substances it encounters. I am eager to look for alternatives to steroids though. I will look up Amazon for your suggestion, thanks.


  • Snoozy

    My JW sister in law had something similar. Don't know her exact diagnosis though.

    She would have cramping and bloody bowel movements..

    She tried all kinds of diet..even herbs a "Sister" recommended nothing worked.

    Matter of fact the herbs made her a lot worse.

    She ended up having a 'bag" put on and her intestines removed. Lower?

    She was a much happier more cramping..etc. She could eat what she wanted and was so happy. They started to travel..something they couldn't do before.Now at least 10 years later she is just fine. She still has the bag but she loves it!..She has a whole new freedom.

    My hubby's cousin (not a JW also had the same symptoms..they also put a bag on him. His turned out to only be temporary as he healed up ..I guess because he didn't irritate it with quack cures.He was able to have it removed after a few months.

    He hasn't had any problems since!

    So follow your Dr's advice as to diet etc. You can't keep going on like that and being miserable!...

    Hope you feel better soon..alt

    Snoozy Q

  • Satanus

    Someone i know who has crohn's is able to tolerate apples, peeled, of course.


  • startingover

    Looking for an apostate with Crohn's? You need to contact Danny Haszard.

  • curlygirl


    There is a long history of this in our family-----I'll pm you.


  • DannyHaszard
  • DannyHaszard

    IBD is R.arthritis of the gut say's Danny very important that you 'know your enemy' Danny swears that diet,stress has NOTHING to do with flare ups it is an IDEOPATHIC AUTO-IMMUNE disease

  • BrendaCloutier

    (((( SlimboyFat )))) I am so very sorry your are having this problem. NOT FUN! TV and lots of reading material in the loo.

    I tend to agree with Danny (who now speaks in the third person )

    I have bouts of IBS (syndrome) as part of my FibroMyalgia crap. It's a royal pain in the arse and everywhere else.

    Is Medical Cannabis legal in the UK? Check this link out.

    Medical Cannabis is legal in several States in the US, but sadly our federal government will not issue licenses for researchers to study it's medicinal effects. Stoopid.

    If you can eat milk products, make sure you consume some yoghurt with active cutures to help replace the good gut bugs you're flushing out.

    If you can eat milk products, there is a naturopathic recipe that is easy on the gut: Cook basmati rice (pinch of salt) in too much water until you have a nice overcooked rice mush. When it cools to luke-warm add active yoghurt. You can sweeten a little, and I'd suggest honey as it is soothing. But sweetener may be a no-no for you. This is very soothing and easy to digest. White rice, not brown. Also, minute oatmeal - not rolled oats - is gentle on the digestive tract.

    Good luck gettin off the crapper!



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