Anyone else have UC or Crohn's?

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    I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The doctor put me on Sulfsalazine tabs (6 per day, 2 after each meal) I no longer have a problem in that area. I have cut my medication to 2 tabs (500mg) in the morning after breakfast. I think that the generic name for Sulfasalazene is Asulfazide.

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    Not only in apostate land Slimboyfat but right here in Bedfordshire. I was diagnosed with UC. about four years ago. Ulcerative Colitis really can be an unpleasant illness at times but on the whole I have it under control. The funny thing is, that it was colitis that lead to me leaving the witnesses. Having a stressful job, meetings, field service and an illness that took away all my reserves something had to give. I took some time out and the rest is history.

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    My son has Crohn's. About five years ago, he got diarhea, and started to lose weight. He eventually dropped to 78 pounds and collapsed. He had every test in the book, but everything came back negative. Eventually, they simply had to perform emergency surgery. They found an obstruction and removed about nine inches of small intestine, at the point of the Illium. After the surgery, he went on Pentasa, and was 100% for four and a half years.

    Last August, just as he was about to start university, he noticed a tender spot on his abdomen. We took him to the doctor and discovered with a CT scan that it was an abscess, with a fistula underneath. So, he went on Prednisone and antibiotics for a week. It didn't help, so he had another surgery. Internally, he was cleaned up, but the abscess (after being drained) required irrigation and packing for almost three months. For the last two months, he has been very healthy once again.

    The doctor is keeping him on Pentasa, and has also prescribed Imuran. We haven't started the Imuran yet, and I'm not sure if we will. The side effects make you think twice, but you don't always have an option.

    We have also researched natural assistance. Personally, I'm a skeptic, but there are some substances that have pretty good science behind them and are being taken seriously by the medical community - probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids. So, he takes these and some supplements (with two resections, we needs dietary supplements). We also have him on vitamin E. When we started the E, his abcess began healing much more rapidly.

    We also researched and experimented with diet. Certain foods can cause a flare up (shell fish, milk, etc) are common triggers, but it varies from person to person. We tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is a bugger to stay on. The results were unsatisfactory, to say the least. Personally, I think the rigid diets are crap. Eat healthy and learn what doesn't agree with you personally.

    The bottom line is that, although Crohn's will disrupt your life from time to time, and can be tough to deal with, there are worse things to have. It can be managed, and you can have a good life.

    If there's anything else, or you just want to talk, let me know.

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    In the usa about 1 million americans have IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease which includes both Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis this is about the same ratio as the claimed membership of Jehovah's Witnesses.Both conditions involve chronic blood loss which can become critical,it is just about the worse affliction for a JW to have. High dose steroids (+ 60mg inexpensive prednisone my mouth) which mimic the cortisone produced by the cortex of the adrenal gland is a miracle cure.How the steroid works is it fools the immune system into thinking the body must fight or flight and shuts down the immune system just like anti-rejection drugs.This now makes you vunerable to countless side effects.In my case i was steroid tolerant and could take large doses without visible side effects,i did not find out that 60 mg was the magic dose until i had the disease for 25 years and by then my bowel was rotted out with massive scar tissue and had to come out. I got the disease in 1970 age 13 start of puberty which is classic onset i mismanaged my illness as a direct result of believing i would be cured in 1975 curse you watchtower false prophets. Crohn's picture tells a thousand words no cure for Crohn's because it involves entire digestive system from mouth to anus consequently a worse bummer than ulcerative colitis UC picture tells a thousand words true UC only involves the large intestine which is not needed for digestion,the large bowel does only two things it absorbs water and stores feces. Bowel (colon) removal cures UC Danny has bag loves it I had a total proctocolectomy with 1957 brooke ileostomy the 'gold standard' of surgical options had this option in 1998 which cured me forever of UC Advantages to wearing an ileostomy bag: 1 cured FOREVER of wicked unrelenting (30 bloody bowel movements a day) 2 all the 'problems' associated with that part of the anatomy i can NEVER get colon cancer (which scares everybody) never get constipated or have diarrhea never have hemorrhoids,cannot fart last but not least nobody can call me an asshole anymore cause i don't have one

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    last but not least nobody can call me an asshole anymore cause i don't have one

    Ahh haaa haaa haaaaa! But I'm sure you still remember how to act like one.....

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    I have had Crohn's Disease for many years. I tried Prednizone with no results and Sulfazaline. One year I found out what made me so reactive: yeast. I apparently have a combination of Crohn's and Candida, or at least Crohn's is affected by certain yeast-related issues.

    I started cutting out all yeast, bread, yeast extract (found in 99% of all packaged foods) in a double-blind test for a year and found that if I kept this strict diet, I had no flareups. The I started taking probiotics (Heavy doses of Acidophilus, Bifidus, etc.) daily 3X and found I could actually eat a couple of pieces of bread a day with no symptoms. This has worked well for several years now, only acting up when I am not careful or if I get under a lot of stress, which makes it react almost immediately.

    It seems that all fermented foods make me react. The worst: wine, beer, aged chees, soy products (as they are fermented also) and pizza (my favorite). If you have Crohn's try cutting out all wheat and fermented products for 3 weeks or more and see if it gets better. Then get some good refrigerated high-power probiotics. I can recommend if you email me at [email protected].


    Net Soup!

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    I have Celiac's Disease and a cousin with Chron's. Celiacs is the inability to digest a protein found in wheat oat barley and rye. It causes malabsorption and create neurotoxins. I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis as well as multiple level degenerations of my spinal column. I lost 145# before they diagnosed me. I live in Oregon and am a Medical Marijuana patient. I am also an RN and work at the THCF Clinic here in Portland. I can say without reservation that the cannabis saved my life, kept me from going into seizure and kept me from starving to death. Believe me I tried everything, it took them 7 years to diagnose me.

    Please feel free to ask any questions.


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    There is a clinical trial for Crohn's going on that involves activated charcoal capsules - which help some people and are cheap.

    I got irritable bowel syndrome about a year ago, when I was under a lot of stress. It took most of a year to go away. My suggestions:

    1) avoid stress

    2) take up meditation ( and do it faithfully!)

    3) take up a diet that fights inflammation! I eat ground flax seed every morning and take fish oil capsules and it helps!

    Your intestinal lining can completely regrow over a period of months, so there is hope to fix things, if you make the right changes.


  • LDH
    I have been on the toilet for about four months now

    So sorry to hear this. Family members suffer with this.

    May I ask for adult on-setters: Are you chronic worriers?


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    PS, my cousin (other side of the family) at 38 had to have her rectum removed from colo-rectal cancer, and now she has an ileostomy.

    She's waiting anxiously for the new system.


    Didn't know you could remove a 'rectum' Class

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