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  • lookingfortruth2

    At the TMS the other night the PO who handled the bible highlights dwelled on the role of the Nethinim mentioned in Ezra. He went on and on about how significant the brothers who picture the Nethinim in modern times will continue to have an increased role as the anointed die off.

    So maybe the "increased light" does have something to do with a change in the leadership and the F&DS...which is a pack of BS anyway!

  • jah1914

    High everyone. This is my first post here. I think it has everything to do with the F&D slave and the 1935 cut-off. If you read the preceeding two articles, they are written in typical, 'let's make everything as vague as possible', so no one can understand it. I still know of elders that can't explain the 'generation' thing. In the second article there seems to be a general appeal that the anointed would be a relatively small group, but gone is the wording that any new anointed would be replacements for anointed ones that had fallen away. Instead we have the vague comment: w2-15-06 - Gathering Things in Heaven and Things on Earth paragraph #20 - "Since the mid-1930's a growing number of "other sheep" who are not of the "little flock" and whose hope is everlasting life on earth, have rallied to the side of the anointed." I see a very vague statement that basically says, "Hey we are no longer saying that there is a cut-off point, but that a growing number of other sheep started to recognize there calling during this time, not that the anoited stopped being called during the mid-1930." And so they would have change doctrines without many even realizing the significance. Just my opinion.......

  • jah1914

    Oh I forgot.

    The significance of this change is like everyone has already said. It allows them to open the Governing Body up to people born after 1935 and explain why they already have a few on the body that were born after 1935.

  • garybuss

    Welcome jah1914,

    What makes following the Watch Tower Corporation so interesting for me is it's like following a mystery. We know the plot, we know the characters, we just don't know how the Jackal will slip out of the trap this time. So far he's always gotten away. Maybe this time he gets caught.
    It's a puzzle, only they give us the pieces before they give us the puzzle. That's why the articles don't make sense so often. We won't know why they wrote them until maybe a year later. They are following an outline. First they deal with problems caused by the change, like they wrote about the DIFFERENCE between sheep and the great crowd before they published the sheep change.
    Second, they reestablish their authority with some appointment articles. Then they spin a new version of the old version of the new light doctrine. Then they write the new policy so confusing that no sane person can figure out what they said, like they did with the Awake! birthday paragraph. They will write it so it can be argued at least three ways. It makes denying the change very easy if the change causes a blow up.
    A perfect example of a confusing article was the alternative military service article. One reading of that article would make it okay to join the military.
    The groundwork for BIG changes like the non anointed officers in the corporations was started 5 years or more before the change.
    Countless hours are spent studying and underlining confusing articles not related to any current teachings. Then the change is printed and it all makes sense because all the support is laid and all the problems have already been studied or printed in a "Questions From Readers" article. Now it all makes "sense". The change is accepted without question or challenge because there isn't anything to question that hasn't been already answered and there isn't anything to challenge because all the authority and "proof" is already out in Watchtower bound volume reprints and on the last CD.
    Our job is to find the puzzle pieces. The changes are predictable, but the strategy is not. The Jackal slipped out of the trap with the generation change. How's he gonna deal with the loss of members and the exposure of sensitive information? That's #1 problem to fix in my opinion. :-)

  • mcsemike

    I think I know some of these, being that I've been around the "RetchTower" for 35 years.

    1. What have God's people experienced as a result of increased spiritual light from Jehovah?

    Poverty, Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, McFries for lunch, 3 shares each of Wal-Mart stock, polyester suits, alimony, and therapy bills.

    2. What arrangement went into effect in 1919 and how was it beneficial?

    God killed 20 million people using the Spanish flu (but forgot to restrict it to Spanish people).

    3. In 1931, what resolution was adopted, and how did that affect the Kingdom-proclamation work?

    Rutherford instituted a 7 drink daily minimum for all JW's and a ten drink minimum for new people coming to the hall to "drink waters of life" which included the option of "on the rocks" or straight.

    4. In 1972, what arrangement was instituted and why was that an improvement?

    Now a group of 6 or 8 "elders" could bully the congregation and act like God instead of just one. They also attained divinity, so the publishers now had more than one "god" to look up to. Or is that the answer to number 5???........

    5. What arrangement was implemented in 1976?

    People disappointed about 1975 called NASA and asked if they could start a T-PLUS countdown forward in time AWAY from the date set in 1975. In addition, Jimmy Carter was elected President and suddenly toothpaste became a "holy relic".

    6. What refinement was introduced in 1992 and why?

    Child rapists and groups of elders who molested children could now remain elders. Why? Since they all think they are God, they were trying for another immaculate conception. I mean, let's face it, one of them could end up fathering the Second Messiah, since the first one obviously can't be found.

    7. In the 1920's, how did Jehovah illuminate the path of his people doctrinally?

    He showed them that although aluminum cookware was wicked and apostate, aluminum drinking cups to use while going through a bottle with Rutherford made fine whiskey glasses. They were light and didn't break if you dropped them while you got drunk with Rutherford.

    8. What doctrinal truths were clarified in the 1930's?

    That NONE of the WT's doctrines were truth or would ever be truth. Also, Rutherford officially stated that whiskey from Canada was more "theocratic" than the whiskey made in bathtubs of people living in Bethel because imported is always better.

    9. What increased light was shed in 1962?

    Disneyland built more rides for night-time visitors so they used more search lights in the sky. In NYC, near Bethel, new bridges were being built, so more lights shined all night near Bethel. They also tried to decide whom to send their electric light bills to: Jehovah and Jesus because they were the "superior authorities" or to Caesar, because the government, especilly LILCO, should have to pay because the WT had no money. (Drinking imported whiskey for over ten years does put a large dent in the budget for Bethel.)

  • serendipity

    HI jah1914, welcome to the forum!

  • Axelspeed

    Well, as long as everybody else is giving a guess…. Remember the deleted chapters in the revamped Worship book? I believe it could be anything surrounding any of these 3 missing chapters. Chap 14: I Make a Covenant With You for a Kingdom Chap 19: What the Mosaic Law Means to You Chap 20: Life and Blood- Do You Treat Them as Sacred? After reading the posts, if there is a change it could be something surrounding the 144,000 and 1935, too, which is something that was covered in chapter 14., one of the deleted chapters.

    A “great crowd” out of all nations would be gathered, with the thrilling prospect of surviving the great tribulation and living forever in perfection amid an earthly Paradise. When we consider what has actually occurred, it seems evident that the heavenly calling in general was completed by about the year 1935 C.E., when the earthly hope of the “great crowd” was clearly discerned. (Page 112, par.6)

    I think the answer could lie in any of the above 3 chapters, but it’s just a guess. Axel

  • DaCheech

    I think if there are 8000 or so annointed on earth, why don't these people have a conference call and see which lights should be extinguished and which should be changed to due to color not matching anymore with the era

  • Mary

    Oh......my....god......ROFLMAO @mcsemike's answers!!

    Also, Rutherford officially stated that whiskey from Canada was more "theocratic" than the whiskey made in bathtubs of people living in Bethel because imported is always better.

    Hey, we were never dumb enough to impose Prohibition on an entire Nation, so ya, our whiskey kicked ass in the '30s!!!........I hear Judge Booze Rutherfloored owned stock in Seagrams.

  • sf
    At the TMS the other night the PO who handled the bible highlights dwelled on the role of the Nethinim mentioned in Ezra. He went on and on about how significant the brothers who picture the Nethinim in modern times will continue to have an increased role as the anointed die off.

    The “Given Ones,” Jehovah’s Provision? by Barbara Anderson {click me}


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