The Watchtower transforms people into wussy !

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  • slugga

    Still have to disagree with the title of this thread.

    Looking back at the BS i took for being a witness kid at school and the crap to took at work (I worked on building sites back then) that kind up an up bringing made me resilient and it toughened me up. Definitely not a wuss here.

  • Saoirse
    For me, when I was still in the JW I found and bought seduction material to seduce the sisters in order to marry one of them. But I was feeling guilty. Now that im no more a JW im in a Seduction Community and im working to become a PUA (Pick-Up artist)and I do bodybuilding and tanning salon. It will take time but I will recover from all this Wussyness who was taught to me.

    I think you need to forget about women and get yourself a therapist. Seriously. You have bigger issues than trying to find a date.

    Most women do not like players. The ones that do fall for pick-up artists are usually very insecure, immature and naive. An intelligent women will smell your bull*&^% coming from a mile away. Just be yourself and the right women will come along.

    And by the way, if you are hanging out in a tanning salon, the girls will probably think you are gay.

  • dorayakii

    Thread resurrection... I agree to a certain extent with the title of the thread. Being associated with the Watchtower often produces extremes in behavior either being very stong and confident in life, or being very reserved in certain areas. Often these two traits can be interwoven with each other and manifest themselves differently in different areas of our lives. I myself am unusually confident in certain areas, but considerably less so in others.

    Umm.. just to clarify for those who said that "seduction" is evil... in English the word has more of a negative connotation than positive. It can be the act of winning sexual favours from someone, dishonestly enticing someone into "wrong" behavior, and often involves suducing someone into an act that may be regretted... it often involves persuasion and manipulation...

    In French however, the positive connotation of the word outweighs the negative. It can be to charm, to captivate, to attract... it is a Gallic art that utilises the 5 sences to engender attraction, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon version of getting him/her in bed as quickly as possible.

    (Of course thats an over-generalisation lol)

    I dont want to enter a debate but "Innocence"is a turn off for women and its "Field Tested" by hundreds of people.

    Umm... interesting but mnot entirely accurate statement.

    well i was shocked, disgusted and put off Beyoncé when i read the lyrics of Destiny's Child's "Soldier" (and doubly so when i heard her mauled version of the song "Vois Sur Ton Chemin", hehe). She talked about "a rude boy thats good to me, with street credibility", with "grills gleamin' " (gold teeth), and "always talkin' that country slang we like". Does she really go for that type of man? The type of man who follows this aggresive "rude-boy" hip-hop style, who flaunts his ghetto-fabulous lifestyle by wearing gold grills? To me that's the most unattractive type of man in existence... but every girl or gay to him/herself...

    She obviously doesn't rate humility or innocence very high up on her importance scale...

    So although i do believe some women/men find "innocence" a turn-off, i think many (like myself) prefer a simple, honest and down-to-earth guy... its just a matter of choice... i do think though many people confuse confidence for agressiveness... and likewise, innocence is confused with weakness. Ce que tu entends dans les médias n'est pas toujours la vérité...

    Aside from the ridiculous gay stereotypes of the masculine and feminine components of a same-sex relationship, i think gays also look for similar things in a partner to what hetero people look for. The problem is that men often don't know what women want, but try to impress them with displays they couldn't give two hoots about. In this post-modern media-controlled world, sadly to say, many people DO actually, actively seek out these stereotypes and in turn exaserbate them making them real.

  • ballistic

    Well done on the reserection Dorayakii,

    leaving aside the learning seduction thing, I totally agree that even after my marriage and divorce at age 22, I left the witnesses extremely innocent. I didn't know it at the time. I was seemingly very mature at 22, but it wasn't tell later I found my inner child again, developed a sense of humour, started being honest with myself, found out how to deal with life in general, developed passion.

    Maybe it was partly my personality, maybe the religion, maybe a mixture, but I was not a well rounded character at that age. Some of the crap I went through may have toughened me up. If so, it's a shame that was necessary as I wouldn't like to go through it again.

    (ballistic - not as innocent as I was class)

  • jstalin

    Hey Genesis... how's the PUA work coming along?

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