The Watchtower transforms people into wussy !

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  • Genesis

    Hi there, I was just thinking about the whole thing. When your are raised as a JW you cant have girlfriend or boyfriend and you must "feel that the other are superior than you", you must be VERY humble.

    What Happens then ? Youve become an socially inadpted Wussy. I think it affects more the men than the women. As you grow you have no idea of seduction, of being alpha (Alpha Male) of picking up women (or making girlfriend) and no sexual experiences. So when you leave the JW you are left without any seduction skillset, a bad opinion of yourself and you are probably shy (to deal with all the worldly people).

    For me, when I was still in the JW I found and bought seduction material to seduce the sisters in order to marry one of them. But I was feeling guilty. Now that im no more a JW im in a Seduction Community and im working to become a PUA (Pick-Up artist)and I do bodybuilding and tanning salon. It will take time but I will recover from all this Wussyness who was taught to me.

    Im feeling very sorry for the one like me who were misled and if the ever come out odds are high that they will have trouble entering into an intimate relationship.

    I needed to vent it, feel free to comment !


    rAFC (recovering Average Frustrated Chump)

  • RichieRich

    In my area, there are more single sisters than single brothers.

    Brothers know this, and thus they are over confident when it comes to picking up "chicks".


    But the Brothers do tend to become wussies when it comes to physical things. Brothers are easily intimidated, as they are never encouraged to elarn how to protect themselves, or their family.-

  • minimus

    Ohhhh, that's a "w".

  • daystar


    Forget about the PUA crap. I mean, I know it's not crap, but it's manipulative and evil.

    However, I can understand the sentiment. I left when I was about your age and didn't really figure out how to stop being a wussy for several years later.

    You can be a strong, potent male without resorting to consciously manipulating people to get what you want.

  • Genesis

    Seduction isnt manipulation or persuasion.

    Its just a form of showing your bestself and knowing what the opposite sex finds attractive. In seduction there is Innergame (to be confident, optimist, happy, attractive) and Outergame (the techniques of seduction). So when you are a PUA you are probably happy, confident, attractive and it bring rewards like having a beatiful girlfriend and having a lot of people wanting to be around you cause you make them feel good about themselves.


  • daystar


    I know the party line and how you can rationalise it. I've read the books. It doesn't make it any less evil. It is manipulation. At least be honest about it.

  • slugga

    Awwwww you're looking at it negatively

    First off, Knocking on doors, talking to complete strangers about BS, sucking up to them to place your literature will really increase your flirting ability. You might not know it yet but trust me on this. You have the ability to go up to any girl and chat her up.

    Secondly worldly girls will find your "worldly innocence" a complete turn on. You're different than the rest of the sleezeballs that hit on them, you know how to be nice and a lot of girls will love you for this.

  • Genesis

    daystar, seduction is evil ? I guess watching The Crow is evil too and what about eating pizza with peperoni who has blood inside ? No seriously im honest when I say that seduction isnt about manipulation. Sure theres is book about persuasion and manipulation but all depends of what the person want. If I give you a rifle you can either enter a shooting club or go kill people. I dont want to offend you (I mean it), but maybe it is your way of seducing and flirting that is evil, if you saw me you would think "Hey this guy is very funny to be with". And Slugga, I understand your point but respectfully I disagree. I dont want to enter a debate but "Innocence"is a turn off for women and its "Field Tested" by hundreds of people.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    dude right now I cant comment like I would like on this post but I am marking it so I can find it quickly to properly reply.

  • Jez
    I dont want to enter a debate but "Innocence"is a turn off for women and its "Field Tested" by hundreds of people.

    You can't throw statements like this out anymore (you are not a JW anymore, remember). You have to back them up with evidence, taking into consideration the fact that you can find evidence for just about anything that you WANT to prove.

    SO, just be yourself, don't try to 'put your best face forward' because the other one always comes out anyways and you will eventually show that anyways. Better to just do whatever comes natural with a woman for YOU. What if she thinks she is getting one thing, 6 months down the road, out pops the real McCoy and she bolts. Save yourself alot of heartache and time.

    Besides, trust us. Do you think woman are so shallow as to need someone to show us what we want?We KNOW cheesiness, fakeness, putting on a face, whatever you call it and may play with it for a while, but we don't want it long term. Someone is out there for you, just the way you are now.


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