The Watchtower transforms people into wussy !

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  • Genesis

    Looks like there are many different opinions on this. Very good ! I apologize for my statement "Innocence is a turn off", i mean it but not in the absolute way. Being a XJW theres no more absolute things for me besides love. Im glad everybody found a way to be happy in the relationship area. I have my own, you have your own. Im my region what I said is very true, all the brothers who are (or were) "spiritual" have became Wussies. To the point that talking with a "wordly" girl would screw them up. Sorry If I offended someone. Daystar, we definitly not agree but thats ok, theres no problem. Hope you all have a nice day , Genesis

  • daystar


    Ok, true dat. Individual focus (in your case, on God) goes a long way in guarding against unconscious influences.

  • ferret

    Genesis I learned all my seduction qualities from the borg.

  • Genesis

    In the borg I develloped my sense of humor,holding eye contact and how to seek congregations for sister ;)

  • Dune

    So true what you said. However, I act shy and indecisive around witness women, but not around "worldly" girls.

    One thing i've learned about witness girls is that they'll take almost anything as a sign that you interested in them, and i dont like leading people on.

  • serendipity

    Hi blessedstar, welcome to the forum!

  • serendipity

    Hi Gen,

    There's nothing wrong with improving your social skills to attract friends of both sexes. However, the only kinds of women who might tolerate a player are players themselves or those who have no self-confidence. Is that what you want?

    One thing I have to say from my single years of being a JW is that most of the single brothers I met have no "game." Many do not have good social skills and can't seem to relate to a female. Is is solely from being a JW? Or is it that they don't have to develop skills to attract a 'sister' because of the unbalanced female to male ratio? Who knows...

  • BlessedStar

    hi Seren!!! Thanks!


  • james_woods

    I knew a lot of the younger guys and ladies who did all right for themselves at their janitorial jobs.

    You know - pick your cleaning team carefully for those dark abandoned offices late at night...

  • Check_Your_Premises

    I would have to agree with the title of this thread, (except I would have said "wusses" instead of "wussy").

    I can totally corroborate this with what I have seen. I see tons of young adults that are total candy asses. Live at home. Sleep until noon. Completely incapable of talking about anything interesting.


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