Film: Grizzly Man

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  • MegaDude

    Some of his rantings in the film indicated that to me he had serious emotional problems.

    The fact he was out there with NO protection whatsoever, no firearm, not even pepper spray because he would never want to hurt a bear, seemed crazy to me. He had no back-up plan in case he ran into a situation where a bear would turn on him. And what about looking out for his companion? Because of his attitude his girlfriend was killed along with him.

    I think close encounters with dangerous animals can be enlightening and even fun, having scuba dived with sharks and run into bears twice by accident while hiking in Yosemite, but having no backup plan for protection is asking for trouble. He constantly says in the film he knows he could be easily killed. Great. Why no defensive protection?

    Just my two sense.

  • SPAZnik

    Kinda cute when you start 'splaining yourself.
    'specially with all that Stating of the Obvious.


    (just razzin' ;)

  • Stephanus

    I wonder what Grizzly Adams would have thought of this idiot?

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