How many did you "bring in"

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  • Clam

    I'm glad to say I didn't convert anyone. Even if I had I think I would have redressed the balance over the years by slagging JWs off left right and centre. If I ever got a hint of someone in my sphere showing any interest or even sympathy to the JWs I'm in there with the full lecture.

    For some reason she used to do her hair the same way as me and dress the same etc. Strange that

    LOL yes a bit strange. Reminds me of that film Single White Female

  • vitty

    Sadly, half of my family, also my daughter who is still in

  • jwfacts

    I would love to chat to the ones that i used to study with and help them move on.

    I have been a far more effective anti Witness of the WTS. In the last two jobs I've had my colleagues have been well trained. I feel for any JW that knocks on their doors. Some of my colleagues are just waiting for the chance to tell them what they think about it. They love my stories. "What, they call us 'worldly people', they say God is about to kill us, hahaha" But when they saw the crap the elders have put me through this last year it makes them so angry.

  • Legolas

    I never even had a bible study!

  • jb


  • DannyBloem

    In the total over all the years I must have had about 30 biblestudies. Most did stop by themselves.

    three were baptised and are still in. But some were a real group effort. Ever notices how everybody wants to take over a successfull biblestudy?

    Anyway, I'm really want to get more people out as in, so have some work to do.


  • reneeisorym

    I brought in my ex husband but he is not active any more. It is just a shame though that because of them he does not feel capable of living up to being a christian. I always found it odd when I was still in that he was so active in his church before and why he couldn't be active with the JWs. Now I can understand.

  • slugga
    Ever notices how everybody wants to take over a successfull biblestudy?

    Yeah because its much easier to sit indoors with someone thats interested and count your hours that way than by going from door to door in all weathers.

  • Ellie

    None, unless you count my mum, who was encouraged back by my studying, I don't feel guilty though, just frustrated by her narrow mindedness.

  • IP_SEC
    How many people did you bring into the truth, what was there reaction to you fading, DAing or getting DF'd and do you feel guilty about it now?

    Many hours in FS, numerous studies. 1 person brought in but he is DF'd now.

    Yesterday was an assembly day, and many asked about me and cried when they were told what happened. Do I feel guilty? Not one bit. They cry because they think Im dead. Well Im not dead. They are only treating me as though I were.

    You cant feel guilt if you've done the right thing Matt. If you do it is a self imposed guilt. Dont mix up feelings of hurt and frustration with guilt.


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