Flier on "Day and Week of Christ's Death" to be mailed out to Kingdom Halls this week!

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Charlie, with all due respect, I think that you need to meditate on this and your beliefs before sending anything out.
  • insidetheKH
    @charlie what pot are you smoking?
  • CharlieSmith1975
    Village Idiot
    Charlie, With all due respect, I think that you need to meditate on this and your beliefs before sending anything out.// ROFL! Did you read any of the flier? This is just saying that the Jews made a holiday out of the night they left Egypt, the same night they ate Passover. That's a no-brainer! If the Jews left on the 15th that night after Passover then Jesus was arrested at the same time, on the 15th. How hard is that to comprehend? And it's not going to change. There's nothing to meditate on. The ONLY significant thing here is that the WTS is teaching something different and need to update. I'm getting the elders in certain cities to put pressure on them to do it. As long as everybody is in the dark like the WTS wants then they can keep everybody fooled and in the dark. OTOH, the faithful anointed will have this information now to accuse the WTS. The WTS is now made up of the wise and foolish virgins. The wise virgins are the secret anointed, the foolish virgins are still the public anointed associated with and worshipping the WTS. The flier confirms Jehovah's disapproval of the WTS. It's symbolic, though and only needs to have a few witnesses. The Bible says the "false prophet" will be destroyed in the lake of fire "while still alive" meaning it will be an active organization at the time of its destruction. The flier simply proves it. But as some say, whose paying attention at this point? Anyone who was going to be saved by this is already saved. All those who would not be saved are still not interested. As prophesied! (i.e. "They took no note until the flood came and swept them away.")

    @charlie what pot are you smoking?//

    Nothing! What gives? Are you brain dead? This is SIMPLE STUFF. If I told you that Jesus rose on a Saturday night and he was supposed to be in the grave three nights so WHICH THREE NIGHTS WERE JESUS IN THE GRAVE? Then that's a Third-Grade answer. So what do you think? Can you figure it out? This tells us what day of the week Jesus died on. Period. But it's simple math.

    So why not HUMOR ME, okay? I'll ask you a simple question: What three nights do you believe Jesus was in the grave? That's simple. Direct. What is your response? In three words? It is not more complicated than that.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Charlie, your whole flier is a bit cumbersome to read but I'm basing what I said on the last paragraph:

    "So in the context of the "great tribulation" possibly occurring after the April 4th eclipse, some will get a hint that they are in a false religion and are about to be destroyed. It's too late to escape now. As I said, the lamb-dragon beast represents the WTS' Governing Body and the 666-Beast represents Christendom. But BOTH of them are killed at the same time in the lake of fire."

    First you're predicting a date for the end; second you're elevating the Watchtower to a position where they are an actual fulfillment of certain scriptures.

    Why not throw in the Mormons and the Apostolic Reformation? There are other religions that are authoritarian and absurd so why should God focus on just the Witnesses?

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I hate unsolicited mail.

    Also, I have the attention span of an indoctrinated jw who was a spoonfed regurgitating robot for 20 years.

    If something doesn't catch my attention--within a few seconds-- not gonna read it.

  • _Morpheus

    While i agree its too long and i couldnt be bothered to read it all myself, it falls into the catagory of "if it floats your boat".

    Have fun with it, but i wouldnt count on it being a huge turining point in organization history :)

  • CharlieSmith1975

    First you're predicting a date for the end; second you're elevating the Watchtower to a position where they are an actual fulfillment of certain scriptures.

    Why not throw in the Mormons and the Apostolic Reformation? There are other religions that are authoritarian and absurd so why should God focus on just the Witnesses?

    OK. Let me try to be brief. Why JWs? A picture tells a thousand words, right? How about this?


    Russel is buried under a seeing-eye Satanic pyramid, the same pyramid you find on the dollar bill linked with Freemasonry. The Bible says the WTS was infiltrated early on by Freemasons and the Illuminati. Remember when Russell firs started? It was all about ZIONISM. They didn't collect any money. Why? They had a backer. Who backed them? The Jews did. B'nai-B'rith. Why do you think the Nazis focused on JWs as spies? Because they taught about a paradise earth and believed in Jesus? No. It was because of their known links to the Jewish underground.

    Now quickly switch channels. The Bible says after Christ established Christianity that there would be an apostasy and that for a while there would be no temple recognized, that is, no Christian organization that would be considered the temple. This absence of a temple, though, was linked to chronology: 2300 evenings and mornings. And evening and morning is one day so this means 1150 years out of a period of 1260 years ending in 1996 (don't ask, smile). Anyway, going back 1260 years from 1996 gets us to 736 AD, around the time the Catholic Church finally organized all the churches and they instituted Easter Sunday in place of Passover. The churches stopped celebrating the Lord's Supper on Passover. This would last for 1150 years during which time there would be no temple sect. But the "temple in its right condition" would be recognized after the 1150 years, meaning around 1886 for 110 years up to 1996. That is 1996 minus 110 is also 1886. So what happened in 1886? That was the beginning of a new religion. That was the year the first "Studies in the Scriptures" was published by the WTS.

    So yes, believe it or not, on a spiritual level, Jehovah's witnesses would be the organization to preach the good news and through which the second coming messiah would appear, even though in the end, their governing body would become apostate. So far from a non-mention, they are mentioned more than any other religion. The WTS and it's governing body fulfill:

    1. The evil slave

    2. The sluggish slave.

    4. They are the "man of lawlessness" who rise up in God's own house, that house being JWs.

    5 They are the lamb-dragon beast that comes out of the earth. Which means they are the false prophet also.

    6. The parable about the vineyard workers is about the WTS.

    7. The parable about the "rich man and Lazarus" is about them.

    8. The parable about the ten virgins is about them.

    9. When compared to the Jews, they are the "lesser number" and the "few." The Jews are the "greater number" and the many. But note the HOLOCAUST. Focused on the Jews. Focused on the "holy ones" but look who is right there being persecuted with them? JWs!

    So whether you get it or not, they are very, very, very much a part of Bible prophecy and the 2nd coming and all that.

    When it says, "the good news will be preached in all the inhabited earth and then the END will come." That is about NH Knorr going on a worldwide speaking tour early in 1947. The "end" came on November 30, 1947 when the Jews got their homeland back. So the "end" was not Armageddon, but the true "end of the gentile times" and, indeed, the good news was worldwide by then from just one congregation in the late 1880's! They fulfill all of that!

    When the Bible says that Jesus is impaled in "Sodom and Egypt" at the time of the second coming, Sodom and Egypt represent the partnership of the WTS and the UN, the WTS representing "sodom" and the UN "Egypt" relating to the Egyptian Mysteries and the Illuminati and all that. Ironic the WTS headquarters are linked to Sodom, but we have heard about the problem with homosexuality at Bethel so maybe it is much worse than we think. Anyway, they try to prevent the second coming with the help of the UN. They manage to do that for 3.5 days. The 2nd coming was supposed to occur on the day of the winter solstice on December 21, 1992, but it was prevented with the help of the WTS who identified for the UN the Christ. So Jehovah killed Fred Franz the next day on the 22nd of December, 1992. Look it up. The 2nd coming occurred 3.5 days later as prophesied on December 25, 1992. So basically, the first Jesus comes through the tribe of Judah and King David through the natural Jews. But when Christ returns the second time he comes through "spiritual Israel" meaning JWs, the temple organization. That's why so many prophecies relate to them, because they become the evil slave and the antichrist.

    Okay. I've said nothing. Just wanted to let you know what happens at the spiritual level. The WTS is the focus of what is going on in the spiritual world, only now they are about to be destroyed with the rest of Christendom. They belong to Satan now. Everything has happend as prophesied. Everything!

  • Crazyguy
    Holy Batman, the witnesses operate on one brain cell, so anything your trying to say needs to be super short and to the point.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Actually, the bible does teach that Jesus died on Friday.

    (Luke 23:53-56) . . .And he took it down and wrapped it up in fine linen, and he laid him in a tomb carved in the rock, in which no man had yet lain. 54 Now it was the day of Preparation, and the evening light of the sabbath was approaching. 55 But the women, who had come with him out of Gal′i·lee, followed along and took a look at the memorial tomb and how his body was laid; 56 and they went back to prepare spices and perfumed oils. But, of course, they rested on the sabbath according to the commandment.
    (John 19:31) . . .Then the Jews, since it was Preparation, in order that the bodies might not remain upon the torture stakes on the Sabbath, (for the day of that Sabbath was a great one,) requested Pilate to have their legs broken and the [bodies] taken away.

    The Jewish sabbath starts at sundown on Friday.

  • CharlieSmith1975
    Island Man5 hours ago

    Actually, the bible does teach that Jesus died on Friday.

    Thanks, Island man. Relevant here is John 19:31 "Since it was the day of Preparation,+ so that the bodies would not remain on the torture stakes+ on the Sabbath (for that Sabbath day was a great one),+ the Jews asked Pilate to have the legs broken and the bodies taken away. "

    The Jews celebrated special holidays as sabbath days. They called these special sabbath days "great sabbaths" or "high sabbaths." During Passover week, there were two mandated "high sabbaths" or "great sabbaths": one was Nisan 15th (the 1st day of UFC) and the second was Nisan 21st (the 7th day of UFC).

    But normally, as you note, any day of "preparation" falls on a Friday and thus on casual reading it would seem Jesus died on a Friday, a normal day of preparation of the normal sabbath. But this sabbath was not a regular sabbath, it was a "great sabbath" or a "high sabbath" of passover. So during this week, that would be narrowed down to Nisan 14th or Nisan 20th. Nisan 14th fell on a Friday in 33 CE. Nisan 20th fell on a Thursday in 33 CE. Since Jesus isn't even arrested until Nisan 15th, the day the Jews leave Egypt, there is no way he could have died on Nisan 14th. The question is, whether he died on the following Friday, Nisan 21st? The answer is no. Because that Friday, Nisan 21st, was the special sabbath of the 7th day of UFC. So the next preparation day that week was a preparation day for the passover sabbath, not the regular sabbath. That is why John 19:14 says "preparation for passover" meaning preparation for one of the passover "high sabbaths" and not a regular sabbath.

    So the academic point here is that every day of "preparation" is not automatically at Friday. If there is a holiday or a "high sabbath" then preparation will precede that day. In 33 CE, the next day of preparation after Jesus' arrest on Nisan 15th was Thursday, Nisan 20th. So just because Jesus died on a day of "preparation" does not mean it was necessarily a Friday, if it was associated with a high sabbath, which it was.

    Thanks for at least taking time to look into this and bring this up. There is no way to get around a Thursday because of the "three nights" and no way to get around Nisan 20th because the 21st fell on a Friday.



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